A Blink of Time

By Linda

January 7, 2016


Belovéd Father, thank You for filling me with Your Love and joy.  Bless our priests with Your guidance and Love.
Belovéd Children, I am before you like the sun comes before the night.  You are My Children and I adore each of you as I have made you.  Come to Me, with your Loving oblations, and know the peace and consolation of My Forgiveness and Great Love for you.  Mine is an Eternal Love, and so great that you cannot fathom or understand it.  I am for you as you are for Me.
Grasp this, My Children, that your sins are many and they are grave.  How I Love My Sinning Children even while you must account to Me for every sin.  My Joy is in your Love for Me, your Lord God and Father.  I rejoice in the Souls of My Children and look with joyous Love as you each make your ways toward Me.
Belovéd Children, follow the truth and the Life.  Follow the truth and Love of My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus who is also with you as you live and die in this age of sin.  Do not ever fear the Love of the Lord.  I am a just and compassionate Lord.  When you come to Me in sorrow and with a Loving and repentant Heart, I Lovingly and Joyfully take you up to My Breast and embrace you in Love and Forgiveness.  Children, I am the Lord God and know that I am Love.  You cannot know Love without Love.  Thus I say, go out unto this World and Love your Brothers and Sisters.  Speak to them with Love and not charity within your Hearts.  [That is, not because you ‘have to’ but from sheer love of people.]  Love your Brothers and Sisters always, fully, and unconditionally.  Know in your Hearts that this request is a reasonable one for your Souls.  Know this.  My very Belovéd and Heavenly Son was hated by those who were to Love Him.  Do not walk with those who have hated and who hate but pray for them and Love them patiently and with consistency.
Belovéd Children, be merciful as you walk in this World.  The Love and Mercy of your Lord God and Father shall echo your own.  Thus, when you forgive a debt, so I forgive your own.  When you forgive a transgression, I am pleased to forgive you the many transgressions of your own.  When you are merciful in your behavior or actions, this is Love that speaks and you shall feel the Glory of God working or coursing through you.  Oh, Belovéd Children, emulate the Mercy and Love the Christ has bestowed upon you, for His was a perfect Love in Humanity just as it is a perfect Love in Divinity.
Cast aside your anger and griefs with your Sisters and Brothers.  Offer Love when they will hate.  Offer Love when you are accused.  Offer Love when the World condemns you.  Offer Love as others scorn you.  My Son, My Belovéd Son is all-knowing and sees your Love and Mercy for others.  Such joy does this bring His Divine and Beauteous Heart.  Children, to Love is not a harsh [difficultthing when you have emptied yourself that I might fill you with My Graces.  Trust in your Lord God and Father and see how this World for you will change.
Belovéd Children, I say to you, enjoy or take advantage of the many Blessings of the Eucharist.  When you partake of this Most Holy of Holies, you receive an abundance of graces and blessings.  Know that one day when you shall go forth to meet the enemy, you shall be greatly fortified by the Eucharist.  And when you are faithful to the Christ and honor and adore Him for His Greatest Sacrifice, you shall bear witness to its strength and Holiness.  You shall have access to the Divine Host when no one else will find it.  The faithful shall be given a lighted path to attain the Graces of the Holy Eucharist while others shall starve to know it.  Thus I say, gather yourselves to its Blessédness and partake of this Greatest Holy gift.  It is redemption and Life.  It is Christ resurrected, and He is My Most Belovéd Son.  You are given great mercies by His BIG Love for you.  Be devoted to the Christ.  Love My Belovéd Son deeply and completely throughout your Hearts and you shall know the sweetness of Redemption and avoid the utter darknesses of condemnation.
Belovéd Children, I say to you, pray.  I shall always ask you to pray.  I hear your prayers and answer them correctly by My Will for you.  Though you may suffer now, what gifts await you after.  I shall kiss your brows and welcome you into the Kingdom of Heaven.  Do not weep in your struggles and difficulties.  I am with you.  I see your suffering and I look to you with Love in My Eyes and with joy in My Heart for your patient endurance of your agonies.  Belovéd Children, it is better to suffer on earth than it is to swoon inside the pain of Purgatories.  Purgatories differ and each of you is purified according to My Will.  Do not be afraid, My Children, but know that any suffering endured by you in My Name, in the Name of the Christ Jesus, endears you to Me and I bring you closer to My Loving Light every day.
Belovéd Children, this time or your time in this World is but a blink of Time in Eternity.  Thus I say, live patiently in the knowledge that this pain, like the rewards in this World, is temporal.  Belovéd Children, share My Love and gather My Souls to Me.  I thirst for your Love, My Children.  Peace, My Children.  I give you My Wondrous Peace.