I Will Have Mercy...

By Linda

January 6, 2016


Belovéd Child, search within yourself and know that I caress you with My Abundant Love.  Yes, you are for Me Little Child as I am for you.  Do not wait or be weakened by the constant pulls and miseries of this World, for I am perpetually amongst you, Loving you, cherishing you, guiding you to Me.
Listen, oh Children of Mine, prayer is the most important element of your Souls.  You cannot know Me or My Heart and Will if you do not delve into the Love of prayer.  I speak softly to My Children and answer those whose prayers are constant.  I am the Lord God and Father.  I reign in Heaven as I shall reign in this World.  All things of this World are temporal.  Do not be deceived by the one who is seeking (your souls) or who would like you besotted by him.  My Belovéd Children, you are Mine and I seek out each of you to be in My Holy and Eternal company.
Come to Me, oh Children of Light.  Be guardians to those Children who do not know Me.  Pray that others will turn to Me and away from sin.  Your prayers give you mitigations to all that comes.  Your disaster is lessened.  Your Time is widened.  Your Hearts are opened to Me and I answer your calls, My Belovéd Children.  Oh, Belovéd Children, there is such sinning against My Belovéd Son, the Christ who has sacrificed for your redemption.  Such sins burn within His tender Heart and He weeps for your Souls.  Do not sin against My Christ Jesus, for He is My Most Belovéd Son and I adore those who adore Him and I Love those who Love Him and I abhor those who abuse the Name of My Son and His Heart.
Turn to Me in all of your challenges or difficulties.  Do you not know that I am here for you as a Father dotes upon and protects His Child?  I am for you and wait longingly for your calls.  Belovéd Children, Love My Beauteous Son, the Christ Jesus.  You must know (that) the Heart of Jesus is filled with both Love and dread for you.  Oh, how He Loves each of you so thoroughly.  His Love is exquisite and the sins of Man bring Him such pain, just as they bring Me such pain.  Do you not understand or see that I am Love.  I do not wish ill for My Belovéd Children.  I rejoice in your Love and revel in the joy of attaining the Soul(s) of all of My Children.
Belovéd Children, your Mother, the Blesséd Mother cries out for you to Love her Son, Jesus, for He is worthy of only Love and adoration.  His Sacred Heart yearns for your Love and she seeks to show you the way to Loving Him.  Oh splendor!  Belovéd and Blesséd Mother, how she weeps for all of Mankind.  How she weeps over the betrayal of Man of her Belovéd Son.  Children of God, hear her calls.  Hear My Calls!  I call you to action, My Children!  I call you to Love your Brothers and Sisters.  Fill yourselves with Love and turn your faces away from sin.  Pray!  Pray, for it is through prayer that all things are made possible.
Strengthen your faith, My Belovéd Children.  How its very foundations will be tested by this World.  How you shall be tested!  Thus, indulge yourself in the Love of the Christ and strengthen your Souls by contemplation of His Passion and by partaking of the Holiest of all Holies, that which is His Body and Blood made Divine.  Belovéd Children, imbibe in this gift that is given to you and rest warmly or assuredly with your Hearts in My Heavenly Hands.  Glorify the Son of Man and turn away from sins.
Come to Me in repentance, and I will have Mercy on every Child with sorrow in His Heart and Love in his Soul.  Come to Me for guidance and for repose.  I am a Merciful, compassionate Loving God.  I do not want to see My Children suffer by wallowing in sinfulness. Belovéd Children, you are renewed by My unending Love and ever-willing forgiveness.  See the Hand of God that extends down to you that you may be lifted by Love and Mercy.  Take My Hand, My Belovéds.  Be one with Christ.  He is what saves Man from an eternity of misery, of “no” or an eternal emptiness and you shall rejoice in this knowledge and that you have trusted rightly the Son of God.
You come to Me through His Love for you.  Do not abandon His Love, but share His Love generously with others and be unafraid to declare My Glory and Love for this World.  Come to Me, Children, and know the comfort and relief of forgiveness and Mercy, for Mercy is a gift.  Let your Hearts rest upon this firm knowledge or absolute trust and faith.  I am your Lord God and Father and desire only good things for My Belovéd Children.  Trust in Me, My Belovéds, and give Me your Hearts.
Pray, My Children and I shall answer your calls.  Know I am ever with you, Loving and blessing you with gifts of Love.  Belovéd Children, do not be frivolous with your Time.  Turn away from sin.  Do not think to wait for tomorrow, for your Time may come abruptly and what shall you say when there is no prayer of praise on your tongues?  Be devoted to Me always, My Children.  Follow the path of the Lord Jesus Christ.  His Love will sooth your Souls if you will but let Him in.  Belovéd Children, pray and know My Peace is with you always.  Do not fear, for when you are for Me, I am for you.  You are led astray in this World by the temptations of sin.  Thus, I say to you, fortify yourselves through prayer and Love.  Belovéd Children, fortify yourselves.