Our Blessed Mother is Man's Greatest Champion!

By Linda

November 28, 2016

Monday, November 28, 2016 6:01 – 6:32 pm
Belovéd Children, pray with great reverence and deepest Love when you call upon the Blesséd Mother.  Belovéd Children, she longs to bring you to her and under the protection of her mantle.  Belovéd Children, when you seek her out, she leads you to Me.  She is Love in motherhood, just as she is Love in holiness.  Be kind and reverent to the Most Blesséd and benign Mother.  She is filled with Love and affection for you and takes great joy in your prayers to her.  She intercedes or has often interceded because you, My Belovéd Children, have remained faithful to your prayers.  Do not make her wretched, as it breaks My Heart to see her so, just as My Heart is stoked with anger when she is insulted or treated irreverently.  She is Man’s greatest champion and leads you to the path of the Most Holy and Belovéd Christ.
Pray, My Dearest Children, for you know what comes.  Do not engage yourselves with fearful thoughts or concerns, for I call each of My Belovéd Children in My Own Time.  You might find yourself facing judgment in one year, or ten years, or more.  What is there to fear when you are in My Loving Hands?  Belovéd Children, do not succumb to the evils of this World.  The sins are fabulous or huge/indescribable in content.  So many of My Belovéd Children fall to the darkness of their sins.  So many of My Belovéd Children turn away from Me daily.  It scourges My Loving Heart and the whole of Heaven is ripped to shreds from their un-Love for Me.
Belovéd Children, increase your prayers and look to Me in all things.  I am the truth and the light.  Where I am, no darkness can enter.  Empty your Hearts that I may fill you with My Magnificent/BIG enduring Love.  Allow Me to settle the qualms of your Souls and bring peace through your angst.  Belovéd Children, I am a Loving Father and as a Loving and Holy Eternal Father, I see your sins.  As you sin, I see shadows cast on your Souls.  You cannot live as if your Eternal Father is merely that.  For I am also a just and righteous judge and there are consequences for sin.
Believe this to be true.  When the World has turned its face away from the Son of God and lays waste to (the) lands and the skies above and the creatures under the sea, so shall Man find his Soul wanting.  Mountains will crumble before Man and the earth shall spat its destruction and upheavals.  It is then when you shall see the fires running rampant through the skies, like dragons at war with Angels.  You shall see the fight, the Spiritual battle of the ages and you shall shrink in your great fear.  Then shall fire rain down upon Man and darkness will loom painfully.  Clouds will roil and all creatures shall run to their hills of shelter, but none shall survive.  All will perish.

Belovéd Children, you must Love Me.  I cannot bear to lose one more Child to sin.  I am dismayed and hurt and My Greatest Desire is the Love of your Hearts.  I call out to you always, thirsting for your Love, waiting patiently for you to come to Me, your Holy Father and Eternal Parent who Loves you unlike any Love or satisfaction or BIGNESS you can ever know on earth.  My Love for each of you is enduring, endless, boundless, fragrant, beautifully BIG!
Children, trust in Me, for I do not lie and I turn no Child away who comes to Me with a repentant Heart.  Belovéd Children, I urge you to pray.  Please the Most Blesséd Mother with your prayers or on your or the rosary.  She intercedes for Man, and her intercessions have kept violations or disasters and angry consequences at bay for you.  Pray and she will take you by your hand and lead you to the Christ Jesus who is deserving of all of your Love, worship, and adoration.  As with the Queen of Heaven and earth, be reverent as you pray to My Most Belovéd Son.  Love Him with the total-ness (totality) of your Heart.  He longs for your Love just as I long for your Love.
Confess your sins, for a penitent Heart is made whole again by these or the admissions and the Soul grows anxious or impatient to approach the Son of Man and partake of the Most Holy and Sacred Eucharist.  Belovéd Children, do not succumb to your pride.  Do not be indifferent to the Christ and the BIG Sacrifice.  He has given you new Life that you may see the face of God.
  [The impatience is in a good way, like a child waiting to go to the amusement park!]
There is no treasure on earth that can equal the value of My Immense Love for you, My Children.  There is no task orfunction or work that is more essential or important (BIG!) than the time you choose to spend with Me.  Invite Me into your Hearts, My Children.  I am the Lord God and My Will for you is always Loving and benign.  Value the Sacrifice of the Christ, for He has given Life from Death in His GREAT Love for you.
Belovéd Children, continue to pray daily, minutely.  I open My Arms out to you and give you peace, solace, joy, and comfort.  I am in Love with you completely or fully, My Belovéd Children!  [This was said with such affection!!]  I say therefore, pray and have the Peace of My Eternal Love in your Hearts and minds.  Peace, My Belovéd Children.  Peace.