Be Strong

By Linda

August 6, 2017

1:15 am – 1:48 am

Note - forgive the delay in posting this.  It was a very personal message, and it took time for me to see I was to share it with you.  God bless.  L

Father, what keeps me away from You when You are so good to me?  Are You like the dependable Friend I take for granted?  Father, I doubt…not in You but in myself, and in this World.  That dread and looming…I don’t know what to call it...that anticipation of some unsavory thing.  We are so spoiled here.  We have few things to regret.  At least, I do.  Am I so weak that I fail You at the first glimpse of the “world” again?  Do You look elsewhere for a more faithful servant?   I am not strong, Father.  I never have been.  But for Your generous intercessions into my life, I’d be dead and lost already.  You are so gracious, My Lord, that even in my state of transgression, You send me answers for the questions I fear to ask the most.  To ****, You’ve responded so readily to him in the past.  Thank You for that.  I worry...and yet, what can I do?   Well yes.  I must protect those who would follow blindly any destruction or work that is contrary to the Church or Scripture or what Jesus says.  I am nowhere close to having 20/20 vision, but You said to me lately and often, rely on Scripture….
Always!  Rely on Scripture.  Regardless of the person, both great and small, you are all subject to mistakes, but Scripture, especially the Gospel is infallible.  I have told you, always turn to My Son, and to Scripture.  Your Love and depth of Love for Scripture will not abandon you to wolves and there are many now afoot.  These are the days you must be strong and steady in your trust and faith in Me.  You cannot afford these lapses of attention.

I call to you often, but you are deaf to My Calls.  I hold you and bade you to feel the warmth and strength of My Love and your joy and recognition are temporary, sudden flashes or sparks only of acknowledgement.  Now is not the time to forget Me.  Now is not the Time to lapse in your faith in Me.  Do not seek the perilous promises of this World, as you do so often now.

Be strong, Child, and keep yourself close to Me, your Belovéd But unobtrusive Father and Lord God.  How will you help My Children when you are too weak to help yourself?  You must rise above your simple humanity and look upon time as a grace that is a temporary refuge for Eternal death or Eternal Life.  Child, know that the path to Me is not an easy one, but the fruits of your labor are so sweet.  You will be awed by the blessing I have given to you.

Belovéd Child, sit alone no more.  Answer the requests of My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus and be consistent in your prayers for His Divine Mercy and your attendance to the Blesséd state of Adoration.

My beautiful Child, I am with you always.  When you wander and call out to Me and believe I am silent in absence, do not believe yourself but believe in Me.  I seek you out day after day.  My Love for you is ever present.  Your doubt of this wounds Me or breaks My Heart.

Child, you must remain active in your faith.  Do not allow yourself to be lost to Me.  I am with you always and I say to you, trust in Me always and believe in Me, especially when you think it is absence you feel.

I do not betray My Belovéd Children, and I do not betray you.  Still, you must be My obedient Child and not let yourself be weakened by sin.  Hold My Eternal Love close to your Heart.  Do not fear so much as you do.  Trust in your Most Loving Parent to guide and provide for you, especially in times when you feel most desperate.

Belovéd Child, wake up!  Do not succumb to listlessness.  I give you more strength than what you believe.  You have such work to do, and yet you question daily the tasks I have set before you.  Do not doubt, but steep yourself in My Eternal Love and return to the grace of Life that sustains you.

My Belovéd Son awaits you so longingly.  Do not cause Him concern or a reason to grieve.  Pray to assuage the piercings to His Heart, His Most Sacred Heart.  Do not wait or stall in your efforts.  Know that your Lord God and Eternal Father must always be at the forefront of your Heart.  Peace, My Gentle Love.  Peace