Do you doubt

By Linda

August 14, 2017

3:19 – 4:10

Father, pride is such a big imposing monster.  It’s like calories.  The more you eat, the bigger you get.  The more pride we have, the bigger our heads.  Father, being a servant is hard.  I mean, not like what we do in service to You (I mean, mostly), but waiters and waitresses.  It takes a certain humility to serve.  Granted, they get paid, but they must serve, get their hands dirty, succumb to the desires and personalities of rude customers.  Jesus came with the attitude of serving.  Well, He got the ultimately worst treatment.  I just think how proud we get about doing certain work or making certain salaries or whatever.  That seems then that we are elevating ourselves beyond Your Son.  That’s pretty bad as pride goes.  Help me to serve You according to how You want me to serve You.
Belovéd Children, I say to you, many come and many are turned away.  When you do not worship the Christ Jesus with all of your Hearts and all of your will, you lose yourself to sin and depravity.  How can you be led to good when you deny your guide?  I am the Lord God.  My Belovéd Son Loves this World and the Humanity which sits within it.  How your sins wound My Most Belovéd Son.  Why do so many wound the Christ, My Son?  What do you do when a stranger wounds even one of your children?  What do you do if a friend is the one who wounds your child?

Belovéd Children, do not dismiss the Love of God.  I am just and My Son resplendent in His Holiness and Love.  You cannot distain Him without distaining Me.  As the Lord God, I am Father, and to dismiss the Christ, Jesus who is My Belovéd Son is to dismiss Me.  When He is in pain, so too am I.  When He is devastated, so too is His Loving Father.
Children, do you not believe that My Love for you is not thus?  When you are hurt, I hurt with you.  When you are frightened, I am with you to give you comfort and Light.  When you are joyful, so do I rejoice in your happiness.
Children, do not turn Love and Mercy away.  How can I tell you?  In what way must I show you?  Mercy is a Beatific and MOST BIG gift I grant to My Belovéd Children who call out to Me in sorrow and repentant Hearts.  I cleanse you of the sins, the very sins that bring you sorrow.  

Oh, Belovéd Children, do you doubt that I will crumble mountains and rain fire from the skies and cause animals to run in fear and die?  Do you doubt that My Will for you is always filled by My Glorious Love for you and by My Ultimate or expansive Mercy for My Children?  You must come to Me.  If you thirst, you find a cup and fill (it) and drink of it to quench your thirst.  What if you thirst, but find no cup or water with which to quench the dryness of your mouth?  Without water, you die of thirst.  Without Love, you die without Me.  I am Love and I bade each of My Belovéd Children to seek Me out.

Worship the Christ Jesus with all that you are and in every minute of every day.  Soon, you will wish you had devoted all your Time to the praising of His Name.  To giving all your Love to the Christ Jesus.  The temporal loves of this World are detrimental.  They turn you away from your Loving Father and Lord God.  I am Love and I give good gifts.  My Children celebrate and rejoice in My Eternal Love.  My Belovéd Children have laid themselves down by the Christ’s feet in order to serve Him in all things He requests of you, and they have served joyfully as demanded by full Love.  [In other words, this is what we should aspire to.]

Those who have Loved the Lord God shall know Eternal Life.  Just as My Belovéd Children who dismiss Love, they are given over or lost to or in Eternal darknesses.  Belovéd Children, I do not say these things to make you fear the Just and Righteous Lord before you.  I say to you, do not be afraid.

I am a Father who Loves and forgives.  Yet how can a Loving Father give His Child the act of forgiveness and Mercy if the Child has not come to his Loving Father for His absolution?  There is great Love within Me for each of My Belovéd Children, and I wait for your call.  I wait for you to return to Me for GREAT LOVE and the FORGIVENESS that is extended by Love.

Belovéd Children, know this to be true.  You cannot walk upon a path when you have no light with which to guide you.  You cannot make your way to safety and rest when you do not know the way to safety and rest.  You cannot know the Most Sacred Face of the Lord God if you reject Love.  A lack of Love will not stand in the Light of My Glory, but instead, you fall to eternal darkness where there is no Light.

Belovéd Children, I offer My GREATEST Love to you.  I have given you the Christ Jesus, My Most Cherished Son.  He has opened the locked gates that once had kept you at bay and away from My Kingdom, Heaven.  He Lost all that you may live.  Thus, the whole of Heaven groans in pity and sadness when the Christ is rejected, when the Love of the Father is ridiculed and dismissed, when the mystical joy and Blessings of the Spirit are denied.

Children!  Why do you throw yourselves into a house that burns?  Why do you leap off mountains with no means to save yourself?  Why do you eat the poisonous berries when they are clearly marked as deadly?  Children, do you not seeor believe this is precisely what you do when you dismiss Me?  When you choose the temporal gifts and joys of the World?

When you are called to judgment, do you believe your riches will buy you Mercy?  Do you believe your transient friends will fight for your life?  Will the luxuries and indulgent or indulgences make you comfortable and peaceful when you are thrown into the darkness that shrieks with hatred and pain?  Do not disbelieve in Me or My Words.  These Words I say to you are Words of Love.  I give to you all the Time, all opportunity, to turn to Me for Love and Forgiveness.  I turn no child away.  It is My Children who turn away from their Father.

Oh, Belovéd Children, do not make folly of your Time.  Do you not see the fire preparing to fall from the skies?  Do you not hear the restlessness of the sea?  Do you not see the darkness that so engulfs this World?  Belovéd Children, you must pray.  I hear your prayers and answer them Lovingly.  I hear your every prayer, and I say to you, your prayers are trickling to a stop.  Do not cease your prayers!  I long to hear the words you whisper or cry or laugh to Me.  I amalways interested in every piece of you.  Thus, pray and make your Lord God joyful.

I say to you, pray and pray for this darkened World in which the Fallen One has reigned.  Pray and he will be rejected as he should be by the entirety of this World.  Pray and he can have no hold on you.  Belovéd Children, his greatest desire is to pull My Belovéd Children away from Me and he does this with such ease.  By your prayers, you weaken his hold and frustrate his designs that are death for Man.  Pray and he is made to run away and place his cowardly countenance in darkness.  Pray, and nations will be saved.  Pray, and peace can be had.

Those who would curse Me are moving quickly to their permanent death.  Pray for the conversion of ALL My Belovéd Children.  I say to you too, do not wait.  Do not wait and be constant in your prayers.  Belovéd Children, a Time will come when you will long to pray but the doors of My Belovéd Church shall be closed tightly by those who seek blackness and make it white before Mankind.  One day soon, you shall long for the Christ Jesus and His very presence will be scarce.  Soon, those who have given Me their entire Hearts shall be martyred in My Name.  Know that those who die with a Love for My Name on their lips will know Heaven.

Belovéd Children, pray and partake of the Most Holy Eucharist as often as possible.  You will need the joy of Communion with Christ and the strength to endure and the grace to forgive, and the wisdom and discernment to lead and comfort My Belovéd Children.  Thus, I say, do not be frivolous with your Time.  Do not make folly.  Pray and Love your Lord God in joyful obedience.  Belovéd Children, I am Love and Love is with you always and BIG or with BIGNESS!