Choose, and Choose Rightly

By Linda

August 23, 2017

Father, You see my heart and know that You have cured me of my curiosity.  Thank You.  Now, I am only tired and struck dumb by how the world sins so much against You.  The hatred is unbelievable, and I long for You to get everyone’s attention so people would turn to You and stop the outrageous sins we commit.  Is it wrong to long for You to zap all of us?  Aren’t we as bad as we can be or do we have some new sin that will rock Heaven?  As I said, I just wish it would stop.  It’s a good thing You’re making all the decisions.  For sure, I’d muck up everything.  Thank You for Your Love and especially for Your Son.  Keep us safe.

1:51 – 2:41 pm
Belovéd and Devoted Children, your prayers and devotions please Me and you lessen the pain I feel from My Children’s hatred and dismissiveness of Me.  I call to each of you daily, but so few hear.  Few wish to dedicate their Time and Love to Me.  For My Belovéd Children Love or are in Love with lesser things.  Temporal things that add no value to Eternal Life.  Indeed, you are blinded to My Great Love for you when your eyes are cast to the riches of this World.
Children, do you not see that the power over the air and sea, over land and mountains all belongs to Me?  I am the Great Creator, and that which I have created, I Love so very dearly.  

Belovéd Children, how you waste your Time.  You study the peculiarities and contradictions of your lives or of life without understanding the truth and blessedness and mystery of My Love.  Children, how My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, the Most Holy and Beauteous One weeps!  He weeps for what He sees in this World.  Children, there is rampant corruption of the Soul and flesh and an absolute acceptance of this state of sin.  There are those who glorify and lift the status of sin.  There are those who dismiss My Glory and the Love of My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus.
Children, why do you spend your limited Time pushing Me away in order that you may sin freely?  Oh, Belovéd Children, I say to you again, there are great consequences for the sins you commit daily, freely, and gleefully.  Know this to be true.  You cannot join the angels of Heaven and the Lovers of the Christ (those who love Jesus) when you are not reconciled to Me.  Freely, I give to you the bounty of My Love and Compassion.  I long for you to take My Hand and reciprocate the Love I offer to you.

Children, choose and choose rightly.  You must not sin and lay wasted to your Souls.  To do so is to light yourself afire and face great pains and horrors.  You cannot wait even one hour to pray, and adore the Son of God who saves.  Children, when you disbelieve in Me and My Belovéd Son, as hopeful as My Love must be, still you are cast down into darkness where you cannot find Me again.  Know with all of your Hearts that sin will lead you easily to perdition and so many of My Children stumble and march, run or skip there to meet doom.

That is not My Holy Plan for My Belovéd Children, for you are meant to be with Me!  Children, increase your prayers for those who die and those in this sinful World.  You have such little Time to make your Hearts beat in accord with Mine.
My Servants are berated and grow weary of these attacks.  Many are turning against Me and their Hearts have grown foul.  How do they continue to say they are a servant of the Lord when what they do and say are so contrary to My Love?  Children, know what I expect and what I shall accept.  Know clearly that there are many things or actions this World commits which make most filthy so many Lives.

I give joy to My Children who follow Me doggedly, persistently, and with great ardor for the Christ Jesus.  I wish for Him to suffer no more but to abate the cold attacks upon His body. (the Church)  Belovéd Children, you do not believe that the Blessings of the Eucharist will be made scarce.  Believe this to be true.  The hour comes when you shall Long for the Christ and find Him nowhere you shall search.

Those who have left themselves ungoverned or untempered by sin shall not find the Divinity of the Christ.  Those who have dismissed the Blessing of the Eucharist or have (scoffed), will not see the Host evermore.  Yet, if in your horror, you repent, you shall be given such great gifts and (you will be saved) from the iniquities.  Know and set your eyes to the sky.  How dark black and red they shall feel – oppressive and worthless.  Children, to believe you can achieve success within this battle without Me is so impossible.

Children, do not spend your Time on lesser things.  You are asked to pray, especially for those who are furthest from Me.

[The following paragraphs were in answer to a question asked by a priest I know - he asked what more God wanted him to do in service to Him.  While it is personal, I included it as a guide for all of us.]

****  Pray, I have said, and pray constantly.  It is through your prayer that discernment is yours, My Belovéd Child.  Pray, and your path to Me is made clear and free of obstacles.  Belovéd Child, I provide to you all things or all tools.  **** Do not condone sin in your Loving Heart for others, for you do them no favors.  How can one add bread to a meal ortable when it is slightly moldy?  Does the Master accept the poor bread for His consumption?  No, but He shall chide His Servants for having presented this to Him. 

****  Thus, I say to you, Dearest Child, pray and lead others to pray.  Guide My Belovéd Children righteously with great Love and Compassion.  Love My Children and know that the Time you have to counsel them in My Mercy grows short.  When the call of the shepherd is too soft, his lambs surely will get lost.  When he has lost his lambs, the shepherd shall call out loudly and the lambs that hear him will make their way to his voice, as they are drawn to the nurturing he provides.  The lambs who are deaf to his calls or that have fallen into debris and thickening muds, will not make their way back to their protector and the shepherd will call and call until it is Time for him to lead his lambs back home.

Belovéd Children, hear My Calls.  I Long for your Love and attention.  I have give you guidance to find My Love and compassion and have said to you always, My Heart welcomes all repentant Hearts and I embrace the lowly and sorrowful.  I have said to you, pray and do not judge.  Love, and forgive especially when it is most difficult.  I have said to see the Holiness of My Belovéd Son in every one you meet.  I say do not pass the impoverished or lonely or saddened with indifferent eyes.  To ignore the wounded is to ignore the Christ.

I have said to you, do not be unsteady and lukewarm in your Love for Me.  Do not lessen the value, the BIGunfathomable value of My Son’s Sacrifice by paying little attention to Him.  I am the Lord God and Heavenly Father.  Know My Love is real, tangible, and powerful.  Ask of Me what you will and the gifts of Life I give to My Belovéd Children according to My Will for each of you, (are) perpetually good.

Trust in My Love for you, Children, and bring Me great Joy by reciprocating your Love to Me.  Children, pray.  Pray and I give to you My Peace.