Are you so content with sin

By Linda

September 20, 2017

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 after 9 am mass while at church (two messages; same day)
          I preface this by saying God was adamant today – more so than usual.  The blessings that He gave to me during Mass were astonishing.  I wish there were a “bigger” way to describe it, but there just isn’t.  I write this as I have transcribed from the journal to this document.
          I went to Mass this morning in a grouchy mood.  My husband hadn’t done something I wanted him to do, and in my anger, I was set to take action (and anger him right back).  I was chewing on my plan and feeling smug about it.  I made the “mistake” of asking God if I was right in being so upset and angry.
  He gave me His answer as a profound experience in the Eucharist.   “Profound” is a laughable word to explain this, but please try to multiply what you read by a million, and that will give you a small sense of the wonder and glory and profoundness of His gift to me….
               As I showed Him my anger and asked whether I was right, naturally He said, "No."   I asked if He was sure.  He told me, "Yes.  Very."  That is when He gave me this GREAT gift – a truly staggering thing.
He allowed me to witness a short moment of Christ’s Passion as He carried the Cross.  I perceived the weight of it and its length and the dirt and pebbles on the road, but it was His eyes that held me.  It was a reprimand for my anger.
​             Christ turned and looked at me through pained and suffering eyes and said,
 “Do not hate.”  
It was reproachful and loving, like a teacher gently scolding a student for the last time.  Throughout His suffering, He sought to teach and did so to the end.  His face was so tired, I flinched inside myself for having caused Him a moment’s pain.  I wish I were talented enough to paint what I saw….  There was a sort of severity about him and such great weariness.  I thought to myself, this is what the world is doing to Him in all our sinning.  But this time, it was me causing Him this weariness, and I felt ashamed.
            At the next moment, I was wilting under the Cross at His feet.  Seeing Him suffer was immeasurably sad.  It hurt my heart to see His pain and the humility He was enduring.  I wanted to curl up into a ball there and cry and cry My prayers grew more intense then, but this was not of my own volition.  Through my prayers, I felt a deep and profound love, and I had to fight not to cry right there in church.  As I crouched below Him at His feet, I felt a drop fall upon my head, and He said to meLive under the Precious Blood of Christ.”
           How can a mere human find the proper words to describe this?  I cannot.

The following message was sent while I was still in church: 9:30 - 9:50 am.
            Oh, My Church, My Church.  Belovéd Children, you must do more in your prayers for My Belovéd Servants.  They are for Me as I am in them.  They cannot afford to stray.  Pray for them, for they are My Belovéd Servants and lead My Children to Me.

            Children, you are My Own Belovéd Creations.  Do not doubt My Love for you.  For each of you was created with the Light of My Grace, and My Love sustains you in your trials.  Dearest Children, do not falter in your faith.  You will be tested in your Love for Me and when you trust in Me, you shall not falter.  I give to you My Strength by My Love and (the?) Holy Spirit that gives you guidance.  Do not fear or be afraid.  Though you will want to hide your Hearts from the pains you see and the hurt you experience, you must trust in My Great Love for you.  Allow My Spirit to guide you.  Listen to the calls of My Love, and I shall sustain you always.  You are in My Loving embrace always.  Feel Me amongst you and within you.  How can you fear that which cannot wound you?  How can you fear that which I will not let touch your Hearts?   I am your Lord God and Father.  Do not fear but live under the Precious Blood that My Belovéd Son poured out upon this World, and I am made joyous and you assuage the pain of My Heart.

            Belovéd Children, do not stray.  You cannot stray in these crucial Times, for your Hearts must be strong and your faith complete.  [I saw a tightly made rope; a strong one.]  You must know Me, My Children.  What I Love and do not Love.  What I accept and what I do not accept.  How can you hear My Guidance of discernment if you are fooled by your lack of knowledge or understanding of My Will?  Children, pray.  Pray, for your Times are or will be difficult and the Light of My Love will not be doused.  It shall be covered but never doused.

Later the same day:  3:21 – 4:20
            Children, My Heart seeks your Love hourly, minutely, and I call out to you in your glaring and woeful or hurtfulor extremely sad absence.  Belovéd Children, you hold such power in your prayers to Me and so few of My Children pray as they should.

            Father, what comes?  Or when?  Is it the Virgin Mary?

             Blesséd Children, you are Mine to Love and receive Love.  You cannot douse the Eternal Flame of Love I hold for each of you in My Merciful Heart.  Oh, Children, as I long for you, you ignore My Calls and dismiss My BIG gift of Mercy.  The whole of Heaven sits astonished by your foolish or sadly misguided decision.  You cannot know what it is you give up in this gift I offer you.  You cannot know what justice is without Mercy, but if or when you do not have Mercy as the BIG ineffable Time of Judgement, how you shall weep at your folly.

            Children!  I call out to you daily, minutely.  No one turns to hear My Loving Voice.  No one offers your Lord God and Loving Father comfort and Love.  I am like a blank spot within the lives of so many Children.  Where the Light of My Love should be, there is darkness and wantonness.  Children, I do not abide by the sinning that is consuming you.  Know this to be true.  If My Belovéd Children do not want Me or invite Me into their Hearts to fill them with Light, so shall their lives and World be in darkness.  I do not quell My Love for you in saying (this).  But My Belovéd Children are determined in their utter rejection of Me.

            Belovéd Children, you are Mine and I Love each of you.  Thus, having given My HUGE Love to you, you can and do wound or injure Me, your Lord God and Heavenly Father with your dismissiveness, hatred, and un-Love.  Children, what must I do to make you turn to Me?  What shall I do to wake your Souls to My Love?  Are you now so content with sin, that My Presence is no longer noticed or significant?

             Father, many of us Love You deeply.

           Belovéd Children, your earnest prayers lift My Heart and salve the wounds I receive.  I am so fond of My Prayerful Ones and hear every prayer and answer every prayer with GREAT Love and Mercy.  Believe this to be true.  I hear your prayers, Dearest Mothers.  I hear your prayers.  I answer each of you so Lovingly and tenderly.  Trust in Me, My Gentle Children, and know by your devotion to Me, I answer your prayers joyfully.  I will place the Light of My Love in each of the Hearts whose Love in you is great and your worries endless.  Children Mothers, I see your fears and say to you, your devout prayers save many [hundreds].

           Belovéd Children, you cannot afford to postpone practicing devotedly your Love for Me or trust or prayer.  You must know Me, your Lord God, intimately.  Do so with undistracted prayer.  How do you place the pain of My Belovéd Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, beneath your daily worries and tasks?  How are you preoccupied with what is temporal when your Soul’s health should be your one occupation or consideration?   How is it that your Lord God, Christ Jesus is not first but last in your life?  Children, re-evaluate your lives.  Know that when you continue to place My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, your Savior and Merciful One last, so you shall be last in My Judgement.  Your pleas for Mercy, a gift of Mercy you ignored in your lives or your temporal lives, will not be issued to you because My Son was last in your lives.  Belovéd Children, a King is amongst you.  A King of Love and Mercy.  When you bow down before Him and give to Him your total Hearts and adoration, how you please the Father.  Do not be blind to the wealth of Love and Forgiveness granted to you.  Do not toss it away.

Children, you are small and yet ask for big things.  How can a child withstand the weight of a mountain?  A child cannot and as you ask for that which is not yours to have, I say this to you with Great Love, knowing as I do that you are small and too fragile to bear the force of the mountain before you.

          Belovéd Children, My Love for you is that of a Father.  My discipline of you is that of a Father.  Do not mistake or mix hatred with Love.  I am devoted to My Belovéd Children and do not want your fear as a supplication to My Greatness.  That is not Love and I am not an intrusive God.  Surely you shall know that I want only your Love and attention.  I want only what serves the Light of your Souls.  That which kindles the Light and builds your strength through the Love of Christ.  Those who settle within darknesses will find themselves weak.  My Children who are steeped in the Light of My Love shall not perish.

          Children, I say to you, there is much to be done.  Pray, My Children.  Pray, for this World rotates unsoundly oroddly and the rocks and fire consume it.  Children, do you not believe in My Loving interventions?  Is your faith so weak that you do not see or attribute the mitigations of disasters to your Lord God?  Do you not believe I control or (can) cause mountains to crumble and stars to fall and draining of riverbeds?  Is your faith so weak that you place your minds and logic or Love of science above the wonder and miracles of your Lord God who has created all that you know and do not know?

          The student is never better than his teacher.  The servant is never better than his Master.  My Children are never more or above Me, your Holy Lord and Mighty Eternal God.  Thus, I say, it is this thinking that tis the downfall of Mankind.  You have crowned yourselves kings and believe you have dethroned the honorable One.  Belovéd Children, you are vastly wrong in your inferiority to My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus.  It is this very attitude or frame of mind that spurs Me to act.

          My Belovéd Children become hellions, and I can no longer abide by the sins of Man and endure the knowledge orwitness the destruction these sins wreak upon your fragile Souls.  Children, Light shall show these things and pull them out of darkness that you may see.  Children, I send to you a Merciful sign or “do-over” or life jacket.  I wish for each of you to notice Me, know Me, and Love Me.

          Children, you have no more Time to play.  You must choose and because you demand it, I show to you the difference between Light and darkness, Love and sin.  Children, pray for so many shall be shocked in their understanding or at the vision of their Souls.

          Oh, Father, I am so tired of this world and how it is so disrespectful and unloving of you.  When?  When?

          Belovéd Child, do not wish this upon yourself.  You think it shall end the misery you feel at the anti-Christ’s tinkering or manipulations of this World?  Know that chaos will ensue and with it, you shall hear more forcefully insult upon insult heaved upon the Lord God.  The Christ Jesus pangs the fallen one, and he is desperately cultivating an army of My Children, My Belovéd Children, to bring misery to My Prayerful and bring the Hearts of Man down or to doubt Me.  Children, he is a ruthless liar and all that he offers is a lie.  It is the ugliest of trickery, for those who do not know Me are quickly charmed into his grasp.

          Children, pray.  You too will be fooled if you do not earnestly pray and seek discernment.  Pray, for more disasters come.  The whole of this earth is splitting wide and the devastations will grow greater and greater.  With My Love and your devotion and faith, you, My Belovéd Children, will withstand the storm that comes.

          Oh, Belovéd Children, it is not hatred that drives My decision but a sincere concern or fear for your Souls.  Were you to know even a modicum of the hell that awaits the sinful, you would cover your eyes in great fear and weep and beg for mercy from its sight.  Children, it is a horrific place and it is real.  The fallen one works hard to make you think otherwise, so your Souls willingly sin more easily.  It is a foul and dangerous lie.  Do not succumb to his deceptions.  You avoid this by deep and faithful, constant prayer.

          Children, for discernment, you must know fully what I accept and what I do not accept.  Rid yourselves of the pettinesses and impatience you feel as you live in your temporal lives.  Do you not know that every irritation and twinge of anger hurts Me?  Do you not know how My Heart cringes when you abuse the Love you are given?
Children, partake of the Most Holy of Holies, and within Christ you shall understand what I say and the importance of My Guidance.  You cannot find yourself in a more profound Communion with the Christ Jesus and as you steep yourself in the GREAT blessings of His UNCONDITIONAL BIG LOVE for you, the Spirit descends into your Hearts and guidance is yours.

          I say to you, do not be distracted in your prayers, for it is uncaring or irreverent to pray while your mind and Heart is elsewhere occupied.  This is a sign of a lukewarm Heart.  Acknowledge the Christ’s Passion and pray with the reverence due Him for His Sacrifice.  He has given to you the door to Eternity.  How many shall walk through and find Eternal Love and who shall walk through to find Eternal darkness?    Children, live your lives (your SHORT lives) in the Light of the Christ Jesus, My Belovéd Son.  Thus you shall know the Glory of the Father through or by His Son.  Peace, My Children.  Peace.