My love is fused to your hearts

By Linda

January 24, 2018

Wednesday, January 24, 2018 11:26 am – 12:04 pm
            Belovéd Children, do not be confused or alarmed in your Hearts.  My Love does not confuse, nor does My Love bring you unrest.  Do not be confused.
            Belovéd Children, you are a delight to Me, and I watch over you with Love and Heavenly Patience.  Do you not believe that My Love is so Eternal, limitless, boundless, and True?  I am the Light and My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, is your Heavenly and Divine Redeemer.  Place your Hearts or Entrust your Hearts to Me and I shall give you rest.  We are One God with the Spirit.  I am the True and Almighty Father.  Do not search for other gods or idols that appear charming but lead to perdition.
            Children, let go of the Worldly worries that consume you every day.  Come to Me and in My Great Love for each of you, I give My Guidance, My Peace, My Love, and My Mercy.
            Children, this World is preoccupied by all that is temporal.  Teach your Hearts to call on Me.  Call on My Grace that your entire beings crave only Me and My Love.  Trust in Me, and those things that once concerned and consumed you will fall away.  
            Belovéd Children, I long for you.  My Heart aches for your attention and your prayers are songs to My ears.  Belovéd Children of Mine, do not wander from My Grace.  Do not wander from the Path of Righteousness that My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, set forth before you.  Honor His GREAT Sacrifice of Life with reverence, Love, awe, and full attention.  My Son thirsts.  Give to Him the drink of your Love that He craves so.  The Love of the Christ Jesus is so BIG, your Hearts understand only a dab or small spot of it.   [The implication here is so BIG – beyond what we understand in our hearts.]
            Belovéd Children, I offer you Eternal Life with BIGGEST Love and I desire that you long for it as I long for you.  Come to your Lord God and Father who is just and Merciful.  Come to Me in your sorrows and pain.  Let Me lift you by My Love and Forgiveness, for they are yours.  I shall console your Hearts and bring to you the Purest of Loves.
Belovéd Children, I desire that each of you take advantage of My Boundless Mercy.  It is for you as I am for you.  Pray for the conversion of your brethren, for so many are in need of My Healing Love.  Take advantage of this Loving Time of Mercy that has been granted to you by your Redeemer’s Love.  Thus, respect and adore and Love with great ardor the Christ Jesus.
            Come to Me now for My unlimited Mercy and Forgiveness, and you shall know the delight of your Soul.  When your Soul has been cleansed by forgiveness, it sings a song of joy, relief, and adjoinment.  Belovéd Children, come to Me though.  Come to Me in this Time of Mercy that is yours.  I long for you to reach out for My Hand and ask for My Ready and Loving forgiveness.
             Pray, My Children, and bring your lost brethren to the bosom of My Love.  Call to them and pray.  Urge them to know My Mercy.  Urge them to crave My Love.  Show them how My Love does not confuse or alarm.  They do not need the Worldly profit or approvals.  These things that My Belovéd Children crave and work so hard to attain are not things that should consume your Hearts!  If you knew the bounty My Love offers, you would act charitably, forgive, Love, and above all, Love Me as your Lord God and Father should be Loved.
            Eternal Life is worth so much more than you can know.  Children, nothing in this World will ever compare.  Nothing you might have in this World will complete you as My Love will.  Nothing you desire in this World will be close to the gifts I give to you.  Your Hearts are too small and fragile to know the calibre of gifts I give to you, and you do not understand when I say to you, long for Eternal Life.  Set your eyes on Heaven and give your Hearts over to Me.  Give homage and Love and reverence to My Belovéd Son who gave His Life that each of you may gain yours.
            Your rightful place is with your Lord God and Father.  Do not exchange this Glorious, BIG gift for the temporary delights of this World, for later you shall long for more time to change your Heart’s desires.
            Belovéd Children, trust in Me.  Pray, pray often, and increase your confidence and faith in Me, your Lord God and Heavenly Father.  My Will for you is always good and leads you to Me.  My greatest desire is to have each of My Children with Me.  Thus, trust in Me.  Trust in My Guidance.  Discern faithfully with prayer to the Holy Spirit who takes great joy in your attentions and requests for help.  [The Spirit is literally charmed – such sweetness!]
            Children, do not be afraid, for a Time is coming very soon when your faith in Me will be shaken badly and your trust and Love for Me tested.  This World is destined or on the path to chaos.  You will be gravely tested and sophists will seek to mislead you.  Thus, pray.  Pray and My Grace and Love shall guide you.  Trust in Me always and stay ever-faithful to the Christ Jesus.  I say to you now, run to the Eucharist daily, for soon this gift will be hidden to many
Know that My Love is never quelled or lessened.  I am always with you and when you place your full Love and trust in Me, all Worldly distortions, all disasters, and all defamations will become grace to your eyes.  Your trust and Love for Me shall make your fears disappear and your burdens light.  Belovéd Children, pray.  Increase your prayers for greater faith and trust in Me.  Seek reconciliation fervently that your Hearts be cleansed and fully Blessed by the Sacrament of Christ Jesus.
            I am the One True God and My Love is Eternal.  My Forgiveness immense.  Come to Me, Children, as this Time of Mercy wanes.  Belovéd Children, I am a Loving Lord and a just judge.  Come to Me as I am your Most Merciful and Compassionate Lord God.  Do not wait to face Me as the cold and just judge.
            Belovéd Children, I Love you.  So deep is My Love for each of you that all that I am, all of Love that is, is yours for your Love.
            Come to Me, Children, in repentance and Love.  I will embrace you willingly.  Come to Me, My Children, for I long to show you My Mercy.  Pray, Children.  Pray, as I Love and hear your prayers.  Come to Me for My Mercy and know that My Love is fused to your Hearts.