The Queen of Heaven is Man's Greatest Intercessor

By Linda

March 14, 2019

Adoration 3:18 – 4:02 pm

Belovéd Children, I am merciful and Loving. See the beauty I have created before you and around you. Take joy in all that you see, for I created all good things or all that is good for the pleasure and benefit of your eyes and the healthiness of your Souls. Do not cast your eyes on darknesses that mar your Souls. Do not gaze upon death as if it is accepted by Me. [TV/movies too.]  I am the Lord God, and I am a God of Life. I do not give My Children that which is detrimental to your Souls.

Belovéd Children, I am ever with you. I surround you each day with My Light, hoping always that you shall turn to Me with Love and gladness. Children, you are for Me as I am for you. I Love what I have created, and I have created each of you with Love, from Love, and for great Love. Children, know this in your Hearts and increase the Light of Love by Loving your Brothers unconditionally. Give to My Children, your Brothers and Sisters, all that I give to you. That is, unending Love and unconditional forgiveness.

Belovéds, there is much poison and sin in the darkness of anger and jealousy and hatred. When these dark things reside in your Hearts, darknesses will take hold to pull you away from your Belovéd and Holy Father who seeks only the safety and Eternal Bliss of your Souls.

Papa, why did You give us choice if we’re so inclined to muck things up?

Children, you are not captives to Love but My Cherished Children, what Father can demand the Love of His Children, and when receiving it, be sure it is purely and freely given? I am not an intrusive Lord, and I give to you the choice in all things in this life. When you, My Belovéd Children, choose to follow My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, because of your Love of God, how great is that blessing and how joyous the Heart of your Lord is. I do not force My Belovéd Children to reciprocate My Love, but I long for it. I thirst for My Children’s constant Love and attention. You are My Greatest Joys, and I dote upon you minutely with great Love and delight.

Children, do not stray. Now is not the Time to wander from your Lord God and Almighty Father. Trust in Me and in My Will for you. I do not send you into the storm without shelter. I do not place you in harm’s way. That is not the Love of a Father or your Father. That is the way and habit of darkness. Do not stray from the Light of My Love. With My Love enveloping you, you see what is evil and what is harmful to your Souls and lives. When you are in the Light of My Eternal Love, those that seek you harm cannot touch you. When you are in the Light of My Eternal Love, you discern. Your eyes see and your ears Hear. You know the sound of My Loving Voice and run from that of the unfamiliar. You know what is of Me and that which is not.

Belovéd Children, your ardent prayers bring you into My Light and keep you steeped in it. I Love to place the blessings of My Love upon you. Children, allow Me to pour My Great Love upon you that you may know the COMPLETE joy of My Love.

Let your Lord God and Father lift the burdens of this Life off your shoulders that you may rest within the Loving Arms of your Lord God. My Love for you is boundless. It does  not wane but grows with each breath you breathe. Children, if you were to understand eve a minute piece of My Love for you, how you would long to praise your Lord God and insist on holding Me close to your Hearts for fear of separation. Your Hearts would burst fort with Light and your every prayer resound with praise to glorify Me.

Belovéd Children, trust that My Love is that awesome or BIG. Trust that all that I give to you is good. My Love for you eclipses the sun and all the stars of this universe. Do not doubt the vastness of My Love for you. In knowing and acknowledging My Great Love for you, trust also that My Mercy and compassion are as great as so ready to cleanse your Souls.

Children, I long and wait with an anxious Heart for each of My Children to come to Me for My Love and Mercy. Do not be afraid to approach your Heavenly Father whose Love and Mercy for you are unmatched. Do not be afraid but supplicate yourselves before Me. I am your gentle Lord, and I shall forgive the Heart that is repentant and sorrowful.

This Time of Mercy before you is a gift wrought forth by the intercessions of the Queen of Peace. Her Love of Man is as great as My Own. Thus, she pleads for your benefit constantly, and I cannot resist her Loving requests. Honor her, as she is the Mother of the Lamb. She who gave birth to the Christ and endured His Passion brings such blessings to you. Learn from the Queen of Heaven. She shall increase your Love for My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, who is her Most Belovéd Son. As His Belovéd Mother, she points all things to her Belovéd Son. She will increase your faith in Him and teach you to Love the Christ as she does. Thus, honor the Mother of God and give to Her all the Love you contain in your Hearts. Hers is a gentle hand and a persuasive, Love-filled Heart. The Blesséd Queen of Heaven is Man’s greatest intercessor and pleads for the forgiveness of the World’s sins.

Belovéd Children, do not grow accustomed with the ease in which you live. There will be a Time when what you see as paltry things will become like great luxuries to you. Take joy in simple things and accustom yourself to these simple things. Do not seek out the treasures and exorbitant luxuries of this World, for when you are faced with hardship, how will you endure? And when you are called upon to be strong, how will you withstand all that is before you? Thus, I say, take pleasure in simplicity and that which humbles you, and this shall prepare you for the morning.

Belovéd Children, the darkness of night always precedes the coming Dawn. Do not be afraid but be confident in the coming Light of the dawn. Know that after the cold and dark night, the Sun shall bring its Light and warmth, its guidance and illumination, and you shall take great joy in the new day.

Belovéds, today you must pray more ardently. I tell you with great fervency, pray. Pray, and I shall give to you My Strength, constancy, and the discernment to see what is black introduced as white, and that which is white ostracized ordegraded by what is black. So many will not see, but because you have prayed and continue to pray most fervently, you shall have sight and you shall hear, and you shall help the blind and deaf find the Light of Love.

Belovéd Children, My Will for you is always good. Be patient as you pray and know that I answer each of your prayers according to My Will. Do not be stubborn or anxious Children. These things only bring you to doubt the Glory of God and all the Love I bestow upon you. Instead, trust and be patient for My Answers, for I always answer your prayers with Great joy, Love, and wisdom.
Belovéd Children, a child cannot know or understand all that his Father knows and understands. Therefore, the child most rightly waits and obeys and trusts his father for safety, nourishment, guidance, and Love. I am your Loving and Eternal Father. Trust in Me like a Child and know that I will see to your every need. Do not doubt but place this knowledge and steep it deeply within your Hearts. Thus, when you are tested, the Spirit will urge your Heart and you shall exclaim with joy, your great trust in My Love and Mercy.

I give to My Children My Love and peace. Take the peace I offer and let your Hearts be still. Peace.