Christ Jesus Loves You and Finds You Worthy

By Linda

April 26, 2019

Friday, April 26, 2019 Adoration
Papa, I Love You. Thank You for always forgiving me, especially for those sins I seem to commit over and over again. Please make me better. My Lord and my God.
3:43 pm – 4:27 pm

My Children, you are ever within My Heart as I am always in yours. Let the recognition of My Love bloom within your Hearts. Acknowledge My Love and know that life in this knowledge becomes as sweet as honey.
Children, you build the homes of your Hearts on weak grounds. The foundations tremble with the slightest wind now and threaten to take your home(s) away all together. Rebuild your dwellings and invite Me into your Hearts. I will re-cast the stones and show you where you must lay the brick. I will kindle the lowering fires within your Hearts. You need only whisper My Name but once. I long to show you My Glory. It is Love and Mercy as One, and I ask that you grasp this gift from your Lord God with tightened fists and gracious Hearts.
Your Holy Father longs for you. My Belovéd Son died for you that you may have Eternal bliss. Children of My Heart, do not dismiss the Loving Sacrifice of My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus. You would not throw (away) your weight in gold. You would keep such a treasure. Given the choice between gold and mud, would you not forego the mud and want the coins? Yet, you embrace mud in the way of sin. (in the form of sin)You choose what is temporal and cheap and untrue. You do not keep the gold, but you toss it easily from before you and lose the value it could provide you.
Children, the Christ Jesus is worth more than you shall know. His Love and Mercy are ineffable, and He does not abandon you even as so many abandon Him. His Love is to be cherished and His Sacred and Pierced Heart worshipped and adored. Increase your Love and faith in the Christ Jesus, and treat My Son tenderly, with great Love, attentiveness, joy, and reverence. He is the King of Heaven and Earth and His Life was given for you. Thus, I say to you, My Belovéd Children, embrace the gift of Eternal Life that He has given to you.
Children, you are My Impatient Ones and cannot see beyond that which is immediately before you. You see only what is in front of you, present and temporal. This makes you disregard the truth of your Souls. You must care for your Souls as you would a child left in your care. You must treat your Souls with reverence, respect, and Love. Do not treat your Souls so badly by engaging in sin. When you sin, My Heart is pierced through and your Souls suffer damage that can throw you into worse things. The more you compromise and accept sin, the more you shall sin, and the sins will grow larger.
Do you see how the World has blinded itself to sin, despite all the Love I have poured out upon it? One sin has led to another, and that to another still, until the World has come to admit (let enter) or permit vast sins that consume many, many Souls.
Children, I can cleanse your Souls by My Love and Endless Mercy. Surely, these are for you, My Belovéds, as I made you with Love, by Love, and for Love. You are made to receive and express and know only Love. Sin tarnishes this.
Children, understand that you cannot compromise with sin, and you must recognize the difference between what is just and good and what is of Me and all that is not of Me. Sin is insidious and the dark one insinuates himself at every possible opportunity. Guard your Hearts against his lies that would encourage and lead you to sin by constant prayer, conciliation, and adoration of the Christ Jesus. Pay homage to My Belovéd Son and know that for each prayer prayed by the devoted strangles the snares the evil one sets out before you. He is thwarted by your every prayer.
Respond to the Most Blesséd and Holy Mother, as she calls out to you to Love Her Blesséd Son, the Christ Jesus, and take Her offer as "co-redemptrix." Her intercessions are powerful and Man continues to doubt and deny.
Little Ones, you cannot live in sin as you now do. The calibre of your sins perpetuates the very acts and size of sin. Sin, the sins of this World, are like a ball that rolls, looming ever-larger, and threatens to crush everyone and everything in its wake. It is no coincidence that Churches burn and fall. It is no coincidence that Many of My Children do not believe that the Church is good. All these things are manifested by sin. I am a God of Mercy, Love, and perpetual Peace. This World is one of death and chaos. Allow Me into your Hearts, My Children. I alone can change this World. Your ardent prayers are Loved and cherished. Take heart in My words. She shall not perish before you, for I have created Her and nothing can set Her down. She will never cease to exist, for She is Mine.
Belovéd Children, do not concern yourselves with the mystery of your Lord God. My Mystery is not a puzzle for My Children to solve, but a joy that must be revered and respected.
Children, be still. So many of you are swept up with the noise of this World and miss My Loving Words so often. Let your Hearts be still. Consider the Loving Sacrifice on the Cross. Know that He has found you worthy of saving. Live, as you are cherished. Treat yourselves carefully, with Love and gentleness, for the Christ Jesus Loves you and found you worthy of His Sacrifice.
Belovéd Children, Time continues to move faster. Move your eyes toward the Heavens and shield yourselves from the fire that falls. When I call My Children, flee, but do not turn back to retrieve what is Worldly. I provide for you. Do not trust that which is of this World to sustain you. You must Trust in Me solely. Trust that I shall give to you all that you require. I do not allow My Children to play with asps, nor do I allow you to go hungry.
Trust that when you thirst, I shall give you the water of Life. When you hunger, I shall nourish you by My Love. You must trust in Me fully. Today, your faith and trust are still weak. Examine your Hearts. Pray and I shall show you where you lack Faith and trust. I grant you this gift from ineffable Love, because I want each of you with Me. I long for your joy. Thus, know where your trust for Me stands and pray to increase it by My Blessings and Glory.
Children, the spring shall make each of you wary and suspicious. Do not see with your human eyes, but call upon the Spirit to give you spiritual sight to exceed (increase) in holiness. You will know what is of Me and what is not of Me. I am the Lord God. I am Mighty and Eternal. I can do all things. In knowing My Great Love for you and My Great and Eternal power, why do you doubt? Why do you doubt you can face your enemies? Why do you doubt My Plans for you? Why do you doubt that I shall shelter and nourish you and make you whole?
Know that this is because you are so precious and so small. Thus, when you place the entirety of your trust in Me, your Loving Father, the gift you give to Me by your trust is far bigger (HUGE!)  than you can know. That which you do for Love is made all the more beautiful and cherished by its difficulty.
Belovéd Children, continue to pray for this World. The sins are its tragedy, and the very calibre of your sins cannot continue to grow unabated as they are. Fire destroys whatever is in its path, as does sin.
Know this to be true, My Dearest Children, I will make you strong and resistant to sin. You need only give Me the whole of your Hearts. Peace, My Belovéds. Peace.