Time has run out and Heaven can NO longer grant any more extensions

By Lorena

December 31, 2021

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Mary Refuge of Souls

Message from Our Lord to Lorena of Mexico

Dear Children: I, your Heavenly Mother, want through this Message given to My daughter Lorena, to emphasize about the Purification of My two Nations chosen by God the Father from the Beginning of Creation, these two Nations will be the Light of the World and from them the Light will come to the whole World.

Thousands of Warriors ready for Battle will come out from these two Countries, Mexico and Colombia, prepare for your Purification, you have rejected Divine Mercy and worshiped false gods, Moloch the Demon of Blood shed by innocent children has been crowned above Me Son because Abortion was allowed in these two countries.

You have rejected My Messages that I have given in different Advocations throughout the World for several years, you live in Concupiscence, Libertinism and Satanism by accepting ideologies such as the New Age. That is why their Purifications will be VERY STRONG, only then will your eyes turn to God and passed through the Crucible can they be Purified, only then will the Light be born and the Hearts of My chosen children will shine giving Light to the entire Orb that is darkened in Evil and Sin.

Oh Nations chosen by My Son Jesus Christ, clothe yourselves with Sackcloth and bend your knees before the Throne of My Son, so that you may be Lightning Rods of Divine Justice and may lessen these Terrible Punishments. God the Father has tried by ALL MEANS, to Straighten and Correct these two Nations, but their Evil and Disobedience is Tremendous and only then will they return to God the Father.

I, I will Cover with My Mantle of Stars My children who cry out to Me Day and Night and I will Protect all My Children, for that reason I ask you to PLEASE Join the Army of My Son Jesus Christ so that as Soldiers you can join the with the Union with a Sweet Mother’s Heart APPEASE these Punishments and that they WILL NOT BE so Strong, there are FEW SECONDS left, Bend Your Knees before the Blessed Sacrament and ask for PIETY and CLEMENCE.

I, your Mother Protect My People, so that together with Me, we crush the head of satan, you are My Chosen People and I call you as Lightning Rods of Divine Justice to dress Sackcloth in front of the Majesty of My Son and ask for Mercy and Clemence

Time has run out and Heaven can NO longer grant any more extensions, but it CAN APPEASE this Punishment a bit with a Life of Oblation to Heaven.

Join My Heart and united in a single Heart, let us cry out to Heaven for this initiative on My part, let us APPEASE this Strong Punishment with PRAYER, FASTING and PENANCE, I cover you with My Mantle of Stars and I call you to be Lightning Rods of the Just Wrath of God. Do not reject My invitation, for there is VERY LITTLE TIME left.

Your Heavenly Mother,
The Virgin Mary of Guadalupe.


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