Many will be Taken away, Preserved, or Martyred

By Lorena

January 27, 2023

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Message from Our Lord Jesus Christ

Dear Faithful Remnant,

I, your Lord Jesus Christ, invite ALL of you to go to the New Millennium, you will be the Seed of New True Christians, who will Adore My Name and give Me your life, works and everything you have with a life of dedication, the Sufferings are necessary to be able to go to the New Millennium, because you need to enter with your Whitened Robes.

Therefore, it is VERY IMPORTANT to follow a very unique way of life from today and during the rest of your lives, many will be Taken away, Preserved or Martyred, but these 3 Groups of People will enjoy the New Millennium, because those who are Faithful and Just to Me, as your King and Savior will be taken to a safe place of Preservation that My Angels have built, they will be totally Heavenly places.

To earn this place, you must be Living Tabernacles, so DO NOT harbor Hatred or Resentment in your hearts, the main requirement is your hearts, therefore Transform them through the Infusion of the Holy Spirit into Clean and Pure Hearts.

The Second requirement is to work hard on your Spiritual Growth through Prayer, Penance and Fasting.

The Third requirement is to be at the service of My Father in this fight for the Salvation of Souls, remember that this is your Main Mission, the Salvation of Souls is a Mission for EVERYONE.

For this reason, I ask you to work on those 3 points and be Patient, Prudent, Wise, Simple but Intelligent, to know how to discern the Signs of the Times and NOT fall into the temptations or confusion of the enemy.

There is great confusion and controversy, but whoever remains faithful to Me, I will give My Wisdom and Discernment to know how to discern events in the Light of the Holy Spirit and NOT fall into confusion.

I love My Faithful Remnant and I take you by My Hand like little children, I take care of you and today I protect you, fight with a Life of Obedience to Me and earn your place in the Heavens and New Earth.

The Fight is very strong and it is increasingly difficult to swim against the current, that is why it is very IMPORTANT that you ask me in your Prayers, every day, for the STRENGTH to be victorious in the Spiritual Battle that is very strong, this has never been experienced in the History of Humanity, because it is the culminating moment of the fulfillment of My Work of Redemption and when I put an end to evil and come to Reign, My Reign of Peace to the World.

You Precursors of this New Humanity, have ALL My Support, I will give you the necessary Strength to reach your Final Destinations.

Those who are Taken away and Preserved will NOT have to worry, but they will have to Earn that place, in this last journey towards the Warning work hard on your Spiritual Preparations, there is very little time left and everything will be defined in the Warning, to the lukewarm Souls and mediocre ones I will take them with me, so that they have a better opportunity to save themselves and do NOT lose their Souls in the Reign of the Antichrist, but I will leave My Warriors to help me fight against Evil and crush Satan's head.

The Martyrs, My most faithful friends, will be greatly rewarded for their heroism and will Rule the New Creation. I will also give this Reward to My First-fruits who will have a very important place in the Heavens and New Earth.

Therefore, the decision to go to the Heavens and New Earths is yours, you have Free Will to prepare or not, only My Brave Warriors willing to Fight for Me, will be able to win this Prize, this Prize is not for mediocre or lukewarm people, it is for people who really Love Me and try to Live in the Divine Will.

So, prepare yourselves to go to My Reign of Peace and fight for it and you will have your reward, many are called, and few are chosen, I will leave it to My Faithful Warriors, I will reward you greatly.

Cheer up My Army, we await you in the Heavens and New Earth.