The War is imminent

By Lorena

February 19, 2023

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NOTE (By a soul):
I apologize. Due to misunderstanding and translation issues, I have been delayed in posting this heavenly message given to Lorena. I invite you to still participate in these daily prayers given by Our Holy Mother and, perhaps, make-up these prayers by doing a second week of prayers the following week. I know that Heaven would appreciate any efforts by the faithful. Thank you for understanding. God bless!

FEBRUARY 5, 2023

Dear children, I call you to My Heart of a Loving Mother where you will be Safeguarded from the Storm, invoke My Help and I will cover you with My Mantle of Stars, DO NOT forget the Prayer of the Rosary, which is the Weapon of Excellence, War will soon come, and the world will be in chaos.

For this reason, starting today, prepare your souls for this event, which can be POSTPONED and LOWERED through the Rosary Prayers every day, the Devotion to the Most Precious Blood of My Son, as well as the Hours of the Passion of Luisa Picarreta.

I call you to POSTPONE and REDUCE this Fateful Event, inviting you to a Day of Prayer and Fasting so that you have more time for Spiritual Preparation, however, the Warning must be carried out soon, therefore rather for the reduction of this War, its effects within the Earth will be fatal, the War will cause thousands and millions of deaths and people are NOT prepared for it.

The Victim Souls and the Faithful Remnant must Pray for the Salvation of the Souls, since sinners are unable to Save their Souls by themselves, for this reason we will do TWO EVENTS of PRAYER and FASTING, fasting twice a week, once to reduce and postpone the War a little and another to Save the Souls of sinners.

Listen carefully, it will be TWO WEEKS OF HARD WORK by My Faithful Remnant.

THE FIRST WEEK: It will be to POSTPONE and DECREASE the Effects of the War, it will be from February 13 to February 19 and the following will be prayed:

All this with the Intention to POSTPONE and DECREASE the War and have more time to Save Souls.

THE SECOND WEEK: It will be from February 20 to February 26, and it will be with the intention that sinners repent before the events begin so they can Save their Souls, the following will be prayed:

The War is imminent; however, we can reduce the effects and postpone it a bit so that the people and the Souls of the sinners are Saved through the Prayers of the Victim Souls and the Faithful Remnant.

I know that it is convenient for everything to start now, so that the Reign of My Son on Earth comes sooner, but it is also IMPORTANT THAT SINNERS REPENT, before death arrives and takes their lives and takes them by surprise, these are the last interventions from Heaven before everything starts and people lose their Souls.

With the Prayer of Good Souls, sinners can repent and return to the right path, which is why THESE TWO PRAYER EVENTS, which we will carry out in February, are IMPORTANT.

Listen to My Call and Save Souls!

Your Mother María Rosa Mystica who cares, guides and protects you.