Letter from Jesus to His Beloved Church

By Lorena

January 24, 2024

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Letter from Jesus to His Beloved Church

My Dear Beloved, It is THE TIME OF CRUCIFIXION, You Will Pass Through It Because as My Beloved Bride You Will Be Stripped of Your Garments and Crucified by the World.

This is already the hour of the Crucifixion of My Church and I want to tell you, My Beloved, that after 3 days of being in the Sepulcher next to Me, you will resurrect RADIANT and BEAUTIFUL as My Bride to marry Me, after 3 days of darkness I will resurrect you transformed and the New Jerusalem will come.

Hear My Beloved, My lamentations before the Father and the sufferings of My Body which is My Church for being stripped and Crucified, prepare yourself, My Church, for your Crucifixion and the betrayal of Priests, Bishops and Cardinals, because you will be betrayed as I was by Judas.

My Church, lean on Me, nourish yourself on Me, I will protect you, come, My Church, come to meet Me and sing for Me a melody of uneasiness and sadness.

The sadness that you will suffer, that you will live within the Church because the most intimate fibers of My Church have been taken by Satan, but My True Church, betrayed, will flee to the desert.

Prepare yourself, My Beloved, for your Crucifixion and suffer together with Me the Betrayal of ungrateful Humanity, it is time for Hayes, the Hand of My Father has begun to fall little by little, on this Perverse Humanity.

Take refuge My Beloved in My Wounds, and sing this Song every time you feel faint:

SONG: O My Beloved, come to me and comfort my afflicted heart, I take refuge as You told me in Your Holy Wounds, that You may comfort me and give me the Strength to go on until the Dawn comes.

With this Jaculatory, I will strengthen you My Maiden, I await you for your TRANSFIGURATION, after the exile and the 3 days in the Sepulcher, you will awaken to marry Me and the New Jerusalem will be established, do NOT lose heart, My beloved, fight to win your reward.

The New Humanity is already knocking at the doors and people will come from East and West, South and North, on Mount Zion they will see My Beloved Jerusalem descend and with her I will espouse Myself before the gaze of all the guests who will contemplate how shining and radiant My Church will be espoused by Me. And I will give you the Power to be the Mother of a Thousand Generations, because for a thousand years we will be One for the Other, awake My Beloved from your lethargy and Sing and Dance that I COME SOON FOR YOU, come My Beloved, whisper to My Ear your Poems of Love.

Because Our Love Will Perpetuate Our Alliance for All Eternity, Because Our Alliance is Eternal and for All Eternity We Will Be United, Together With the Most Holy Trinity in a Single Heart That Will Beat in Unison With the Song of All Creation, United to the Divine Will, Reigning Forever in an Endless Number of Beats, in a Single Unified Heart in the Heart of the Most Holy Trinity.

All the Hearts of the New Humanity, United in a Single Heart That Will Illuminate With Its Glory the Heavens and New Earth, Shining Brighter Than the Sun, Will Flood With Its Glory All Nature, the People, the Cities, the Squares of the Glory of God, Manifesting Itself in the Heart of the Most Holy Trinity, Will Illuminate the Heavens and New Earth.

You Cannot Imagine, My Beloved, How Beautiful It Will Be to See the Magnificence of God’s Glory, Illuminating the Whole Earth and the Hearts United in One Heart and One Beat.

All Will Soon Be Joy, Be Strengthened and Nourished by Me, by My Word, by My Essence, Come My Beloved and Give All the Glory to Your Creator, Come My Beloved the Dark Hour is Near, Take Refuge in My Wounds, Be Strong and Courageous.

Come My Beloved to Me and You Will Find the Strength to Face the Darkness and Betrayal, Come My Beloved in Me and Think of Your Great Reward, Soon We Will Be Married and We Will Be One, Prepare Yourself My Beloved and Trust in Me That I Am Waiting for You to Enjoy the New Jerusalem.

Come My Beloved and Take Comfort in My Shoulder, Cry the Betrayal of the World on My Shoulder, I Will Dry Your Tears, Come My Beloved and Take Comfort and Be Strengthened in My Word.

I Want to See You Standing Tall and With Your Head Held High Before My Imminent Coming, You Have the Strength Because You Are My Church.

And Today, I Sign a Pact of Love With You With This Engagement Ring With Which I Decree My Alliance of Love With You for All Eternity, Be Patient, Cunning and Strong That Soon I Will Come for You, Endure the Darkness That Will Soon Dawn.

I Love You, My Beloved Jerusalem, Prepare Yourself That Soon I Will Come for You and My Light Will Shine Again, Do Not Lose Heart My Beloved, I Leave You My Mother So That in These Days of Apostasy and Humiliation, She May Be Your Glory and Comfort.

You Are Not Alone, the Sky Protects You, Wait, It Will Soon Be Dawn.

Courage My Beloved!!! I Will Always Be With You and the New Jerusalem Will Be Your Reward.

I Love You My Beloved, I Your Beloved Jesus Christ.

(MARANATHA means in Aramaic – “THE LORD IS COMING”)