Interview with Lorena on an Extraterrestrial Invasion

By Lorena

February 22, 2024

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Interview with Lorena on an Extraterrestrial Invasion


From "A Soul"

In January 2017, Saint Gabriel Archangel informed me “a soul” that the Battle of Armageddon involves demonic aliens. That was 7 years ago when no one mainstream and very few “fringe” Christians spoke about demons posing as aliens. Nowadays, the subject of extraterrestrials is very timely in both secular and Christian news as people are open to the possibility of off planet life visiting us.

This third TTEN interview with Latin American mystic, Lorena Portillo, is excellent. It discusses not only the extraterrestrial question but other topics, too, including information about the Marian army and FirstFruits, and future life in the New Jerusalem. I really enjoyed watching it and I hope that you will take the opportunity to view it, too, because you will learn a lot of intriguing prophecies, interesting messages and beautiful prayers.

For those who are interested, below is a PDF link to download the latest English compilation of Lorena’s messages. God bless.

DOWNLOAD: (English version) PDF compilation of Lorena’s messages (Updated June 2023):

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