Urgent Mexico Earthquake Message

By Lorena

December 26, 2023

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Message from Saint Michael

Dear people of Mexico, this is Saint Michael the Archangel, my just angels have received the order to execute the just wrath of God against this country, but first I warn you with the permission of God the Father of what is about to happen.

It is important to bend your knees and put on your sackcloth asking for mercy and clemency from Heaven, because it will not be benevolent to the abomination that covers this nation through sin.

Victim souls, you are lightning rods of God’s just wrath, offer yourselves as a sacrifice to Heaven to receive this new year 2024, filled with the infusion of the Holy Spirit within you. Victim souls offer your sufferings for this Mexican nation, which will soon suffer the attacks of nature with earthquakes never seen before, which can be lessened, even canceled, if the people of God bend their knees, dress in sackcloth, and ask Heaven for mercy and clemency.

The aberrations and sins committed in this country have made the cup of God’s wrath overflow. Therefore, stop the arm of the omnipotent God with a life of sacrifice to God. Yahweh of the armies has declared that chastisement will soon come to this nation, but first He wants to give truce to a pact of love between Him and His chosen people to be the light of the nations.

Kneel Mexico, bend your knees and pray, beg, fast and do penance and sacrifices, because the chastisement will be very harsh. Convert your hearts and turn your face and heart to God.

Dear Mexico, I have a special appreciation for your people that let hope be alive in the midst of the darkness that threatens to wipe out the entire human race.

But the light will come out from Mexico, that is why people of God, bend your knees and ask God the Father that His just wrath be appeased, there is little time left. Ask for it with faith and with a spirit of sacrifice and mortification and like Nineveh, these people can be forgiven if they pray and live in the Divine Will.

The prayer of the Holy Rosary is very powerful for this reason, kneel down and ask for mercy and clemency.

I, Saint Michael the Archangel, have decreed an announcement of a shofar to begin the execution of the wrath of God in Mexico. For this reason, you have a few seconds of extra time where you, Mexico, must demonstrate to God the Father that you are repent of your evils and misdeeds and thus His wrath will no longer fall on you.

People of God, when the shofar sounds, everything will begin and the just wrath of God will be unleashed against Mexico, so put on a sackcloth and ask for forgiveness of the sins of this entire nation so that through this opportunity for renewal you can appease the just wrath of God.

Everything will happen very soon, so take action on the matter, and offer yourselves as victim souls, I, Saint Michael the Archangel, prince of the Heavenly militia and defender of the church of Christ, entrust my request for amendment to all of you.