Updated: Special Request from Our Lord

By Luz de Maria

Beloved People: 
Pray the Holy Rosary at 6:00 in the afternoon of each country, and each day ask My Mother for the intentions that I recommend to you.



May 1

My People prays to My Mother on this first day of the month dedicated to Her and requests Her intercession for: THE SALVATION OF ALL THE SOULS.


May 2

Pray to My Mother so that mankind would desire to know Me and enter into the fulfillment of the Commandments, the Sacraments and that mankind may be strengthened in faith entering into Me.


May 3

I ask My children to pray to My Mother for those who are persecuted and made martyrs because they are faithful to Me. 


May 4

Pray to My Mother for humanity, which is in need of a conscience to be fraternal and is in need of due discernment so as not to fall into the clutches of evil.


May 5

I ask My People to offer this day to My Mother, asking for Her intercession for those who turn away from THE TRUE FAITH.


May 6

Offer a small spiritual bouquet to My Mother, for My Church, so it does not continue to stray and remains obedient to Our Trinity.


May 7

Pray for those who refuse to embrace My Mother’s petitions for the good of the souls and the reconciliation of sinners with My House.


May 8

Dedicate this day to remaining close to My Mother and comfort Her for all those who deny My Real Presence in the Eucharist.


May 9

Pray to My Mother for the innocents who are aborted without their mother’s consciousness.  And for those who kill their brothers and sisters because they do not value life.


May 10

Pray to My Mother in reparation for the disobediences of man to Her Maternal Requests. Pray and express to Her that you love Her for those who do not love Her.


May 11

Ask My Mother for Her blessing for those who are Her instruments and do not reveal My Mother’s Word out of fear. Ask for Her intercession for Her true instruments, so they are not silenced before they are able to alert all of humanity.


May 12

Pray to My Mother, so that as Queen of Heaven, She may bring relief to the souls in Purgatory. Pray, asking for comfort for those who suffer from an illness, especially for those who suffer from spiritual illness.


May 13

On this day praise My Mother for this great apparition, fruit of Our Trinity. Pray so that My Mother’s request for the Consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart finds the necessary reception and My Church repents for disobeying Her. 
Ask My Mother for the grace to be sealed as Her children with the gift of unshakable faith. 
On this day, the Choirs of Angels in Heaven sing the glory of My Mother.


May 14

Pray to My Mother so that She continues to be the Help of the afflicted. Entrust to Her in a special way, the protection of the world. Wars will increase once again, pray for Her Maternal protection for you.


May 15

With the Holy Rosary in hand, pray and mediate each mystery. Offer it for Priests, My Mother’s favored Sons, so they do not stray from their Priestly Ministry and may reject the human gods society offers them so they are lost. 
Ask Her to intercede for these Beloved sons of My Heart.


May 16

Pray to My Mother so that humanity possesses the strength to reject the snares of evil, so that man rejects the constant attacks of the devil. Cry out to My Mother to intercede before Our Trinity for those who succumb before temptation.


Day 17

Be constant and pray to My Mother to intercede for those children who profane My House, profane My Cross, profane the images that represent My Mother.  In Our House, the Angels weep at such contempt on Earth towards Me and towards My Mother.


Day 18

Pray asking My Mother for Her intercession for those who suffer from hunger in the world and for those who, possessing what they desire on Earth, are empty spiritually.  These creatures of Mine suffer from nonconformity, desire to possess more and this leads them to live rooted in what is worldly, forgetting Me.


May 19

As a demonstration of Love towards My small and innocent ones, pray with your heart, and united to My Mother, ask for Her intercession for the children who are defiled and subjected to humiliation and to the loss of innocence. Petition My Mother that the Herods of this instant do not continue to proliferate.


May 20

Pray to My Mother to intercede before Our Trinity, for My children who live in countries that suffer the cruelty of communism, being led to a constant pain and the humiliation of human power.


May 21

My Mother: Door of Heaven, longs for all My children to enjoy the Eternal Feast. Pray to My Mother so that with Her Maternal Love, She softens  the hardened hearts handed over to the earthly pleasures, handed over to the vices of all kinds and specially for those who pact with the devil.


May 22

Pray children and ask for My Mother's  intercession for those who resist reforming themselves  before the Warning falls upon Humanity and must suffer more because of their unbelief.


Day 23

Ask My Mother's intercession for the governments of the nations of the world, so they may desist in obeying the directions of those who are the tentacles of evil, who have made it their goal to unleash war upon My People.


Day 24

Pray My children, plead with My Mother for Her Intercession for My children, the majority of whom ignore the dominion the microchip exerts upon man's will. It will be utilized by evil so that man acts without a conscience.


Day 25

My beloved people, dedicate to My Mother the most beautiful, loving and sincere prayer born from the depths of the heart of each one of you. Make this act in special reparation for the sins with which woman increases My Mother’s suffering.


Day 26

Ask for My Mother’s intercession before Our Trinity for My children who suffer in the wake of natural disasters. Creation resists against man’s sin and rushes against man so that man turns his gaze back to My House.


Day 27

Pray with your heart before My Mother, so that She is an intercessor before Our Trinity and that mankind recognizes the ONENESS OF OUR TRINITY and thus is a true People.

Day 28 

Ask My Mother's intercession so that My children Consecrated to My service flee from scandals and My Church does not continue to be lacerated.