Details and Background Information on the EMP in the USA

By Melanie

March 31, 2024

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Message from Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ "Details and Background Information on the EMP in the USA"

Jesus appears to the seer with His blessing hand and says: "I love you, child. My love for you is endless. I am Jesus Christ, my child. I am your Lord. You know who I am. I am Jesus Christ."

At the beginning of the vision, the seer sees a volcanic mountain range surrounded by mist.
Etna in Sicily comes to her mind.

Now the bald eagle appears with an angry, grim expression on its face. Lava or embers can be seen and again the bald eagle with a black round bomb between its claws. It flies over an area. Suddenly there is a jolt through the earth and the seer is startled. It is as if she jumps up briefly due to the pressure she feels. She hears "Baltimore" and sees the flying bald eagle again.
Once again, it is as if something falls to the earth, hits it, triggering another shock wave.
The gleeful bald eagle flies over a vast war zone. To the left is a long path of fire and deep darkness.
The theater of war is incredibly vast and heartbreaking. Everything is black.
There is an explosion in the background. This indicates the war that will be going on in the future.
It is very irritating that the bald eagle flies over it completely insensitively, as if it was none of his business. There is an insidiousness about him.
Now you can see a kind of high stand or water tower which is burned out and tilts to the side.
Everything is burnt. A white water tower tilts and water spills over.

Jesus now gives the seer instructions about her tasks and says: "Listen to Me! The governor must know! Tell the governor Texas is not affected. Mississippi."
Jesus: "Trust what I am telling you now. The state of Texas is not affected. But he needs to know about it."
Jesus shows the seer a map and she hears the word "Missouri".
Again, a circular fire can be seen in a state in the USA. Something slides out of the clouds on an umbrella, glides down and triggers a wildfire. The embers spread in seconds, the ground is black and red. "Arizona. "Southern border of the USA".
The state of Texas is not blackened.
Jesus explains: "The EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) doesn't have to happen. It depends on how America behaves. Based on the past behavior of the US and the government, it is likely that they will continue to behave this way in the future, which in turn makes the event more likely."

Now the seer sees a brush marking something in black on the map of the USA.
She sees a bomb fall from the sky and a kind of small sailplane flies away. Then there is an explosion.
One state is particularly affected and neighboring areas are also affected.
“Arizona" can be heard again.

A bucket with black paint can now be seen above the map of the USA. This is dumped over the second state from the left of the center of the USA - in New Mexico. The black paint from the bucket spreads throughout New Mexico and also flows over to Arizona. Sirens can be heard.
A Jesus cross can be seen over New Mexico. Suddenly it is as if a flap with two doors opens beneath Arizona and Arizona is simply gone; it disappears.
It is as if the seer sees the open flap from below and the burnt pieces of paper falling down, some of which are still glowing red. It appears to be an attempt to attack several locations.
Now President Putin's face appears, smiling maliciously. Someone shakes his hand as if congratulating him.

The scene changes and again a small sailplane can be seen, which, seen from the middle of the USA, flies over the 2nd and 3rd states to the west on the southern border. It flew from east to west, starting from Texas and heading towards Arizona
It has flown from east to west, starting from Texas and heading towards Arizona.
Between New Mexico and Arizona, the small sailplane dropped something, but the landing of the object was not visible.

Afterwards, an upright brown bear stands in the picture with its front legs stretched upwards and it holds a white paper airplane in its paws, which it then lets fly.
This is a secret attack that is to remain concealed. The seer is told that the Russians have very sophisticated technologies. It is therefore within the realms of possibility that this attack will not be the only one.
The Russian technologies are comparable to a "magic bag". These technologies leave you amazed, Jesus explains.

Then Jesus says goodbye.
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.