Important Message to Christina Gallagher from Jesus Christ

By Miscellaneous Messages

May 10, 2015

"My little one, your heart gives Me joy.

If only others were able to experience the love you bear in your heart. The generosity and love that flows from your heart is a cause of great joy to Me." ( A private message followed here.)

"Your surrender to My Will in this work has pleased Me. Due to the weight of your cross, you are so weakened you find it so difficult to continue. It takes so little to make you run back to the safe haven in Me. I have drawn much from you but I continue to thirst for souls as the raging waters draw close. Many are in great danger not just in body but, more importantly in soul. How close My Hand is to your world. How it grieves My Heart to see this, such a lack of reparation in so many souls. I have called so many times and My Beloved Mother has called Her children in so many countries throughout the world, only to be ignored.

The world will experience so much turbulence and suppression. Many will be crushed. That is the way of him who is antichrist. He roars so loudly and devours many. That is why I permit you so much suffering not because you have done anything wrong. You are more deeply united in My Heart now than ever before.

You truly bear the heart of a child: it knows no bounds in kindness and generosity, all flowing from your heart filled with love and pain. I am saving an endless number of souls in all you endure and surrender to. I desire the whole world to see your child-like heart, not the outward exterior. It gives some people an excuse only to criticise you, My little one.

The world draws close to many painful calamities. The apostasy is very close, disasters will befall many parts of the world. How your suffering has held back My Hand and saved many in your isle, but for many to no avail. The very sky will roll and fire will fall from the heavens but first I will show My Hand and allow the call of My Mother to be heard once again but just for a short time before this takes place – as a final opportunity, all through the love of My Heart.

Powers in union with antichrist, through their signatures, have left you powerless. Poverty and suppression is planned for many. The air and food are poisoned to bring about sickness pain and death for many. The unity of powers to destroy is with you now. Their blindness is great through their failure to see the greater powers at work in darkness. World War 3 is already being prepared.

My little one, you endure beyond what is desired by Me, but all I will make fruitful for souls.

My Hand… Look… see it… it is close to the world.

Your banks will be restricted and great loss will take place. I desire all to recognise the meaning of the word, “My vessel”. Its importance is that it means I can fill and empty it as I wish, in the freedom given by My little one even as she is unsure of what this can mean. How Heaven rejoices!

I desire that all become aware of the grave dangers your world is in. Its darkness is so great. The time is drawing close when My Church will be robbed of all that I give of Myself to souls. Hearts have become cold and withdrawn far from Me which will lead to the doors of many churches being closed. There will be no voice heard to uphold Truth: its silence will reach Heaven.

The wormwood will come as in an explosion of poison and bring forth death to many. Danger, danger for the world.

The people who have received great gifts through My vessel and who have rejected them will receive greater death than that of the body.

My little one, you bear many burdens. I will tell you no more tonight. I impart upon you great blessings. Father, Son and Holy Spirit."