Message from Our Lady of the Sierras

By Miscellaneous Messages

May 13, 2016

The following is the first public live message given thru Pat for publication in 2016. It was rather unexpected and given at the Friday night Rosary at Mary’s Knoll. Somewhat unusual, this particular support message was allowed to be heard verbally as given, to most who attended. Some were allowed to experience a strong scent of violets prevailing afterwards.

Oh, My Dear Children,

I wish you to see the garden of souls that lays before Our eyes …. a garden where each of you has been planted to grow and to be nurtured by Our love and by Our forgiveness.

You, My children … although you do not recognize all the beauty around you … are here to become part of the beautiful bouquet presented to God. Each of you … no matter what form you may take … you may look as though a broken stem has fallen to the ground … but in that stem there is life … there is love … there is hope. For see around you … My angels are here to till the soil of your hearts … no matter how far you may fall … each one of you will receive the care … the hope … and the rebirth of life … to loving and trusting God.

My children … even the crushed flower from a beautiful bloom … though crushed … the aroma of love still flows through the air … and rises before the throne of God. Trust in these difficult times … and know how God loves you so.

I bless you with My peace this night … with a Mother’s love that surrounds you. Draw close to one another. See the needs in each other’s hearts. Be the gardener of souls that God has entrusted into your care … and surely your reward will be great in Heaven.

Yes, My child … it is the crushed violets with My tears … that fill this room this night!