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The following visionary I do not know much about as of yet. Please pray for discernment before proceding. God Bless


March 18, 2018

I called upon Jesus, I was thinking about everything he told me. I was concerned about the current political situation. And, Jesus responded and he said:

"My child the time that you are in now is still a time of grace. Trump got in as an extension of my mercy. But I tell you the people who want the New World Order are plotting to take over. You have to understand eventually that the Christian Persecution which I have fortold to you will take place."

"It is part of my plan that this time of grace that you are in right now is your time to deepen your relationship with me. Unfortunately the country as a whole isn't taking advantage of this time of grace."

"Much of what Trump wishes to get done the New World order will block. My child understand that these things must be fulfilled so that the Illumination can come."

"We must double our efforts in prayer and sacrifice."


When Jesus said this was a "time of grace" I saw a clock. It represented a reprive to give us more time to get to know him and to deepen our relationship with him. He said the Christian persecution will still happen. But if we pray it will console the heart of the Father.



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