I call because the time of Mercy is ending!

By Miscellaneous Messages

April 28, 2019

The following is an email from a friend of mine who translates several of the messages on our site.  I am providing it in full with the message because I feel it is very important.  Thanks Peter!!!

Hello Jimmy,
I may have mentioned the Polish priest Fr Adam Skwarczynski before: considered by many as a prophet on the basis of his writings and videos such as this:
he is also a theological consultant in Private Revelation who collaborates with Polish bishops, so a nationally-known figure. For some time now Fr Adam he has been publishing via the website
the locutions received by someone just known by his first name "Tomasz", and the attached is what he received on Divine Mercy Sunday. It is a long word but a very substantial one giving much food for thought and prayer, I think...

Blessings to you and yours,




I Am Who I Am!


To priests who celebrate the Holy Mass in grave sins!

  Woe to you who insult My Majesty and mock Holiness. In you there is no faith, no fear, you serve Satan and not my Majesty. It is abhorrent for Me when you touch My Holy Body, and were it not for those who come to Me with faith, I would smite you for the destruction of the body, but for the salvation of the soul.  Remember, however, that the lake of fire burns for you, and it is the same lake at which you sneer.


To clergy given over to addictions!

  In your naiveté you think that others are worse, and I ask you where that is written, and why do you hide your deeds in nooks like rats? As rats destroy seed in garners for sowing, so do you, thinking that no one sees you. Judging others, and blanching yourselves, you exalt yourselves above the Most High, before whom nothing is hidden! I am the Judge and I will come to judge justly. You will answer then for the destruction you have carried out, and this destruction is great - as great as the blindness of addictions that covers your eyes.


To clergy living in impurity!

  You have sold yourselves to lust and you deceive many, drowning in dirt, making concubines not only of women. The most terrible thing, however, is that you pretend - not only to yourselves, but also to your fellow-brothers, that there is nothing wrong in this. Give up your sins! For those who like impure transgressions it is better to have their eye gouged out, it is better to hang a millstone around their neck, than to die and to fall into the hands of those whom they have served.


To the clergy who sell Me for pieces of silver!

  The spirit of Judas is in you, and you are Judases. Mammon fills your hearts, and whoever has another god before Me cannot serve Me, for God is One alone and you can serve only One God. You who have taken the prize on earth will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. You who fill the purse and accumulate for your old age, you will die both in body and soul, because your greed will not let you give up your goods and break your hearts, so you will not be in time to cling to My Mercy. The spirit of Judas is deceitful and cradles you in its arms, whispering: nothing is wrong with that. Verily I say unto you, many have fallen through greed and gone to perdition.


For the priests and scribes who have rejected My teaching!

  Your pride is so great that it is only useful for handing you over to the spirits you serve. I will hand you over to those spirits, and for that I will use the instruments that are the least, the smallest in your eyes, in order for them to embarrass you and not allow your pride to be broken. They will be nothing in human terms, but filled with my Spirit, armed with the shield of the truth and the armour of bravery, they will reject the accusations and will not retreat out of fear of you. They will chastise you with words and teach you, and you will reject those words, and instead of Mercy you will see just judgment, for your pride has no limits. For you teach humility, and yet you are not humble; you speak about blindness and fearfulness, yet blindness and fearfulness have masked truth and faith from you.

  I taught you modesty. Were not you to be its model?! You however allowed yourself to be seduced by the world. Surrounded by splendor and the powerful, by male and female servants, you have become Pharisees, and just as they rejected the truth out of pride, so do you now. You have gone away from My sheep. You have not watched My flocks, and wolves have crept in among the sheep, and taken many of them. You also let these wolves in among you and caressed them, and they destroyed and trampled on the Holiness that I entrusted to you, and you did nothing about it. But in the hour of justice, those fed and tamed wolves will rip you apart and will become your curse. The walls of your palaces and houses will fall, and the exalted splendor will become a curse. In the hour of truth, the books will burn in which you perverted the truth about Me, and the books of truth that you rejected will be sought after! The places where a false picture was written in the hearts of My chosen ones and those who wanted to meet Me will also be destroyed.

  I appointed you to be guardians of law, truth and faith, and you have clothed My Blessings in the things of the world, insulting and ridiculing Me, and the splendor of your goods smote the small and modest so much that they cried out to me, "Where are you?" and My hand of justice trembled, but I have withheld it, because the day of judgment has not yet come, and My Mother upheld it out for love to you!

  I call you to reject all evil that I have indicated to you; I call because the time of Mercy is ending! I call because I am already on the way!

  Do not try to close the lips of My prophets, for I will be with them and will protect them. And I will give them a loud voice and strengthen it by My strength, so that it would roar like thunder from heaven; so that it would reach the world and expose evil, and give the lie to the words that the One who created the law does not admonish those who depart from His Law and serve His enemy. I will also speak to those who are open to the truth, in order to embolden and revive them. To my Prophets I will also give the power of demolition, and they will demolish evil and point out apostasy, and will show the truth, in order to make paths straight. They will be My witnesses.

  Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear. Experts in Scripture, you will find Me in these words, and may your hearts open to My Spirit, for blinded like Pharisees you have not read the signs. If you will sleep, I will surprise you, coming like a thief, and the wise among you will be few. But how can those read the signs who reject the truth that is incompatible with their own will, closed to My Spirit, and open to the spirit of the world: closed to the unsealed Word, and sealing up those to whom I have given the right to break what is sealed? And although you say: “there were many before them and there will be many after them” - I say to you a hundred times: I am already on the way, the time is fulfilled, and the judgment of the earth has begun. However, for the moment this is a judgment to admonish and awaken conscience in a time of Mercy, therefore in My Mercy I am calling you who have gone astray: clergy and experts in the Scriptures - do not be like the Pharisees! REJECT SIN, FALL ON YOUR FACE AND CALL FOR MY MERCY, FOR YOUR SINS ARE A HUNDRED, A THOUSAND TIMES GRAVER THAN THOSE OF PEOPLE NOT CONSECRATED TO ME!


To the deceivers who deceive!

  Stop speaking in My name and leading people onto Satanic paths. You have lost yourselves for fame and money and you are going along the way to the abyss. You deceive many and will answer for each one of them. I did not send you and I did not order you to speak, and your word is not from me. You are the instrument of Satan who for a moment before his defeat uses and tames you, and uses you powerfully to attract millions before My coming.

  Woe to those who speak in My name and are not from Me! Woe to them!


To those who call Me a liar!

  Those who say, "there is no Hell" call Me a liar! For it is written that a lake of fire awaits sinners. Whoever therefore calls me a liar condemns himself to the lake of fire. Whoever says: "Mercy excuses our works", offends Me and condemns Himself to eternal damnation! Stop spreading falsehood and calling Me a liar for the applause of the crowds!


To those wandering in the abyss of grave sins and afraid to approach Me!

  Do not be afraid to come and cry out for Mercy, o hardened sinners, to whom I have given the grace of knowing your fall. I see your heart and regret for your misdeeds. Immerse yourself in My love for you and draw from the source of My Mercy. But do not return to the path of sin and do not wound me; respond to love with love and with faithfulness to faithfulness.

  The time of judgment over the nations of the earth is coming, the time of purification is coming. When the number of days is completed, the time of Mercy will end. You who have gone astray, come and draw from the time left to you. You who are afraid, do not listen to the promptings of Satan, for if you come with a contrite heart and reject sins, you will be cleansed by My Blood.


To those wanting to draw near to Me, but feeling unworthy!

  O small and humble of heart, come to Me and draw from My Mercy. Let My Mother lead those who are frightened to me. Entrust yourselves to Her and let yourselves be led. She will bring to Me all the lost and fearful, and they will not go astray and, guided by Her, will not let themselves be deceived. Like a mother bringing her child to a father, so My Mother will bring her children through Me to the Father.


To the prudent and faithful servants, clergy and laity!

  My Mother, like a Tower of Ivory, will show you the way in the final time of times. Run to Her seeking shelter; do not lose sight of her. For She will shine like a beautiful jewel, visible to those who seek. Happy are those who entrust themselves to Her in the time of the end; happy those who will entrust to Her nations, cities, land, families and themselves. Happy those who will hide under her Maternal mantle. She will lead the battle and prepare the world for My Second Coming. She will trample the head of the ancient serpent.

  You who keep watch, read the signs, and I will give you many signs, and they will indicate the end of the times and the time of purification. And the word that I gave to the prophets will be fulfilled. And My word will be fulfilled, and those who keep watch will rejoice, and a new earth will arise. So take from the last time of My Mercy. Only be careful that no one distorts its image and clothes it with the temerity that Satan paints, without self-criticism, in order to lull your consciences. My mercy is infinite, and my love has no limits. However, it is Mercy which is justice. Whoever would immerse themselves in the ocean of My Mercy, let them reject sins. I forgive those who reject Satan and choose My love: for these my mercy is infinite!