Message from Our Lady of Light

By Ned Dougherty

February 1, 2015

February 1, 2015 at 3:00pm - "Super Bowl Sunday"
St. Victor Church, During Eucharistic Adoration
West Hollywood, California, USA 

I come to you today to speak of the frivolity and carelessness of mankind. My Son's Presence is here in this chapel for all of you, the sons and daughters of the Father in Heaven, and of the Son, the Redeemer of the world, and of your Heavenly Mother.

We have come to the children of God to save humanity from its own destruction. Look around you, and you can see how few are in attendance here, venerating and worshipping the Eucharist Miracle that the Father in Heaven has provided for all of mankind to survive this journey here on Earth. Yet, there will also be only a handful of worshippers, the true believers in my Son's Church, who will be there at the Gates of Heaven when their eternal reward comes about.

However, much of humanity today will worship human endeavors on a field of sport that has little to do with the direction that mankind must travel in order for you to be saved and rewarded with the Kingdom of Heaven. Many of you have fallen far from the path the Father has created for you. Frivolous diversions of all types now infect humanity in ways that are luring you away from the true prize - the conquest of the Gates of Heaven, where you will meet your final and eternal reward.

Many of God's children have become the sheep of the evil one, who has manipulated and controlled the people of the world through tricks and deceit.

However, the evil one would not be as successful as he has become, so temporarily, if it were not for the minions of the evil one, who have willingly and knowingly infected humanity with pleasurable diversions to lure you, my brothers and sisters, from the path that ultimately leads to God. These minions of the evil one use these forms of entertainment to manipulate and control the people by giving the people what the minions believe the people want, so they can further enslave all of humanity around the world.

While the evil one and his minions are going about their demonic work, the people have become sheeple to their offerings and their pleasures.

Is it not easy for all of you to see how you have been deceived by what has become desirable in your temporal world?

Is it not obvious to you that the evil one is ruling this world that gives you pleasure through entertainment, shopping, and acquiring material things that you do not need, while ignoring your spiritual needs that will ultimately serve you in gaining the Kingdom of Heaven?

Nothing that gives you pleasure here on this Earth that is not of God will give you any pleasure in the Afterlife in the Heavenly Realms. For all that is important to you in this world in a material way, will vanish forever when you have to stand before your Lord and Saviour and answer to Him: How have I conducted myself during my earthly journey? Did I truly worship and honor my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, or did I worship idols that provided me with fleeting pleasures and hedonistic desires? None of these things will give you eternal happiness.

I, once again, ask of you my brothers and sisters to spend more time with your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, in the celebration of the sacraments, particularly of the Holy Eucharist, and that you spend less of your time in earthly pleasures, and more time contemplating your eternal fate in the presence of the Holy Eucharist, while in Eucharistic Adoration in places of worship around the world!

Today, millions of you will be distracted from your journey by a sporting event. Imagine, if you will, that the same millions of people spent the same amount of time in Eucharistic Adoration. Which event do you believe would be transformational for the future of the world - spending your time in frivolous and trivial pursuits or honoring the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, who holds in His hands the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven?

These are the times when each and every one of you needs to heed the Messages from Heaven. If you consider yourself a powerful and prayerful spiritual warrior, it is time to set aside the games that people play. It is a time to be serious in your pursuit of your eternal future.

If you follow my suggestions to you, the Kingdom of Heaven will be your eternal reward!

Thanks be to God!

Message ended 3:30pm


Ned Dougherty's note: At the same moment that the message ended, the Super Bowl XLIX began with 115 million viewers. Only four of us were in attendance at Eucharistic Adoration, held on the main altar of St. Victor Church in West Hollywood, California, USA.

As Our Lady of Light tells us: Imagine, if you will, that 115 million of us gathered in prayer instead of attending a sporting event. Which event do you think would be a more transformational event for all of humanity - a sporting event or a prayer event, spreading God's will across the entire planet?
Just asking! - ND