Message from Our Lady to Angela

By Our Lady of Zaro

January 8, 2016

This evening Mother appeared dressed all in pink (pinkish); the mantle enveloping her was green. On his head was a queen's crown. In her right hand [was] a small golden sceptre, and in her left hand she had a long rosary and the world. Her feet were bare.

Mother was sad; to her right was St Michael the Archangel with a big spear over Italy. He was imposing and wore a commander's armour.

May Jesus Christ be praised

"Dear children, today I come to you as Queen and Mother of All Peoples. My most beloved children, seeing you here to pray fills my heart with joy. I love you, little children, I love you immensely and to see everything bad happening in the world makes me very sad.

Children, if I, the Mother of God, come down again among you, it is to save you and to lead you all to heaven. It is not to frighten you!

My most beloved children, behold: what I foretold to you long ago is about to be fulfilled. God is about to employ his arm.* Children, the chastisement is at the gate and increasingly the gates of hell are opening wide. Alas, God does not want all this, but you want it yourselves with your undisciplined conduct. For years now I have been here among you; for a long time I have been appearing, in order to intercede before God, in so many spots and places in the world. If all this is happening it is because God wants to save you. I desire that you would all be saved."

Then, at a certain point, St Michael the Archangel pointed with his spear to the centre of Italy; it split open.

"This is what I foretold to you long ago. The Church is under attack from evil and her walls tremble because faith is not solid, it wavers.

Pray and nourish yourselves with the Eucharist every day. It is important that you confess at least once a month. Children, My Son died for each one of you, and would still die for you. But would you be willing to die for Him?"

Finally Mother blessed everyone. In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

[* The Italian text 'spiegare il suo braccio' (literally 'explain his arm') is unclear and may be a typing error: from the context I assume that 'impiegare il suo braccio' (employ his arm) is what is meant]