Message from Our Lady to Simona

By Our Lady of Zaro

June 8, 2018

First I saw Jesus crucified, bathed in light, then Mother; she had a delicate white veil studded with many little dots of gold and silver that fell down to her bare feet resting on the carpet of flowers; her dress was white and around her waist she had a golden belt. Mother's right hand was turned towards her chest and was holding a Holy Rosary made of light, while her left hand was facing us as if to take us by the hand. Mother was smiling with a very sweet expression.
May Jesus Christ be praised
"Here I am, my children, I come to you as Queen of heaven and earth, as the Mother of all peoples. You, my children, stay beside me; in tribulations do not turn away from me.
My beloved children, turn to the Lord for your every need. Do not be afraid, He is always there waiting for you, he loves you with an immense and unparalleled love, he became poor among the poor, humble among the humble, little among the little ones; he made himself bread to become part of your life and, despite all the sacrileges and outrages, is always there ready to welcome every repentant child of his.
My beloved children, turn to Him, open your hearts to Him, pray that he would mould and shape your being so as to make you like Him.
My children, pray, pray for peace in the world, for peace in families, for peace of heart and soul.
Pray, my children, with constancy and ardor for my beloved Church, for what must happen.
My children, I love you and I am beside you, do not go away, stay close to me so that I can cover you with my mantle.
My beloved children, do not despair in moments of trial, of tribulation; clasp the crown of the Holy Rosary tightly in your hands, kneel before the Blessed Sacrament and He will console you giving you the strength to continue, the courage to face the most arduous trials, the grace to smile and love even in pain.
Now I give you my holy blessing.
Thank you for having hastened to me."