Message April 8th - 24th

By Valentina Papagna

8 April 2016

While I was praying the Angelus, Holy Blessed Virgin Mary appeared and greeted me, "Praised be Jesus, daughter!"

I answered her and said, "Praised be Jesus forever."

She said, "I come to thank you for all your prayers and sacrifices that you offer us. You pray for everyone."

She smiled and said, "Today, you have received many graces and blessings."

Suddenly there was a deluge of sparkling gold fragments pouring all over my room. I was overjoyed at the beauty of this vision. This was an outpouring of Graces from Heaven. At the same time I was shown a beautiful shimmering silver star. It was suspended in the air.

Blessed Mother said, "This star symbolises my presence. This Holy happening is the Love from my Son and me, to you, and surges out from the Living Well, and comes from Heaven."

Immediately I desired that this abundance of Graces, raining down from Heaven, be poured upon all my family and friends and people in need. This joyful experience lasted about ten minutes.

Blessed Mother said, "Tell our children that we love them abundantly and very deeply, and we wish that they would unite themselves very close to Us."

She asked us to renounce sin and to live an honest and chaste life.

"Sin is the root of all evil, and does not allow you to be beautiful. It does not permit freedom in your soul, but allows for hate and restlessness, and not peace."

"My daughter, I want to tell you how much God is offended and sad because humanity is living so sinfully."

"So much hate in the world. There is no peace in the world, the daily killing of innocent children and people, scattered all over the world."

"They kill people without any feeling in their hearts, there is nothing but hate. Their heart is like stone, with no feeling. Satan is leading all this destruction. He tries to ruin everything."

"My children pray for peace which the world does not want. Peace is the healing for your life that only God can give. Pray, pray that through my Immaculate Heart the world will experience peace."

"The world will be renewed, so that Heavenly peace will be sent to earth. Be courageous and tell people to change and to pray. We are always with you, my Son and me. Be at peace."

Queen of Heaven, pray for us.


10 April 2016

Today, while I was praying, our Blessed Mother appeared to me. She said, "Come with me my child. Today we are going to visit Purgatory."

We came to a very depressing place. There were many souls waiting in this place. Blessed Mother smiled, then turned to me and said, "These people are Lebanese."

As Blessed Mother began to speak to these souls in their own language, they surrounded her. They were so happy to see her.

There was a mixture of people, but most of them were men. She tried to console them and give them courage.

She then said to me, "These people are very sad. They hunger for prayer and for Holy Masses to be offered for them."

She turned to the souls and said, "My children I try very hard to help you, but nobody listens. Sometimes, I wish that I would not have so much responsibility."

"I am tired too," she said and smiled.

The souls tried to console her and said, "O Blessed Mother don't leave us. We love you so much. What will we do without you?"

She responded, "It is the sin and greed in the world that causes you to offend God so deeply, it damages your souls, and causes you to suffer so much in Purgatory."

Blessed Mother then slightly withdrew from the souls and moved closer to me. Looking at the them, she said to me, “See these people, while they were alive, they were sitting on millions (very wealthy) and still grabbing and being greedy for more. They did not help anyone, poor or needy. Nothing! There was no charity in them."

Two men then appeared through a little side door. When Blessed Mother saw them, she approached them and opened the door and asked them to come in.

The two men came in and looked at Blessed Mother, and then their gaze turned towards me. They were shocked to see me. I sensed they had recognized me. Their faces seemed very familiar. They looked very uncomfortable. I felt I had met them somewhere whilst they were alive on earth.

I remember many years ago, I was invited to a home, to speak about the messages, to a group of Lebanese people. Most of the people present were very interested in the messages, however, some of the men remained at the back of the room, talking to each other, and not listening to the messages. I think this is where I had first seen the two men. They were now embarrassed because they didn't listen while they were alive.

I could see Blessed Mother holding a small paten, containing white fragments similar to grains of rice. She gave each of the men some of these fragments to consume. I understood this to be manna from Heaven.

I heard the men say, "It tastes nice."

I then left Blessed Mother with these Souls. She continued to talk to them and console them in their own language.

I left the room through another side door and stepped out into what looked like a construction site. There were many partially constructed walls. Then I saw many men come out of these incomplete structures. It was very depressing.

In particular, I saw an extremely crippled man. His legs were stuck together at the knees. He was knock-kneed. His legs were so badly deformed that he could hardly move. I felt so sorry for him as I watched him lift a large cement block off the ground and place it on the wall being constructed. As soon as he placed the cement block onto the wall, he then had to lift it up and put it back down onto the ground. This action he had to repeat over and over again. It was such a big effort for him. This was his penance.

I felt so sad for him. It was so monotonous, tiring and boring. These souls are waiting for someone to offer up prayers for them to free them from this monotony and suffering.

Blessed Mother then came over to join me. She said to me, "Because of so much sin and greed in the world, God will punish the world severely very soon."

She then showed me a frightening sight. I could see horrible, pitch, black, rolling clouds gathering in the sky above us. They were huge, and I was so frightened to see this unfolding before me.

Blessed Mother said to me, "Tell people on earth to pray and to repent of their sins."

Blessed Mother pray for us and protect us and have Mercy on the Holy Souls.






Receiving Holy Communion in a State of Grace

One day our Lord appeared to me in church. He explained to me how deeply people offend Him by receiving Holy Communion with an unrepentant heart and without confession.

In a vision Jesus showed me the Soul of a person receiving Holy Communion. The chest was completely black and in darkness. He showed me that when the person receives Holy Communion, the little white Host is 'sandwiched' in the blackness in the person's soul. I could see a layer of blackness on either side and, in between a little white Host.

Jesus said, "People think if they receive Me I will cleanse them automatically. It does not work that way. How deeply I Am sacrileged."

"I cannot purify or cleanse you without you confessing your sins to Me. My children, you have to be very sorry for having offended Me. By doing repentance, and being truly sorry from your heart, then slowly I cleanse you."

"The darkness of your soul then slowly becomes lighter and lighter until I completely purify you and you become white."

"Avoid falling back into old habits of committing sin, of continuing to receive Me in a sinful state. Your life must change."

I could see the darkness of the soul was like mud. While repenting and being sorry for your sins the darkness changes to grey, like a mist which then changes to white once your soul becomes pure, then God will embrace you with His Love.

Do not be afraid to go to Jesus in confession. He is a good Father. He loves you and will embrace you when you confess your sins and truly repent.





Sunday, 24 April 2016 St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta As Holy Mass was about to begin, I was making my Mass offerings and intentions. I was offering up all the Holy Souls that I had experienced during the past week, and also the souls that were in my room this morning.

Many of the souls that were in my room this morning were from Equador, from the region of the most recent earthquake. There were many children among them, and they were speaking in their own language. They were speaking Spanish.

Our Lord Jesus said, “While you are offering all of these souls to Me, I want you to also offer Me all Bishops, Priests and Cardinals, especially those who are already deceased. Many of them are suffering for their wrongdoings in the Church and for disobeying My Commandments.”

He said, “You would be very surprised, some of them are in the deepest darkness of Purgatory, and they seek your help and My Mercy."

"Now, I am speaking to you about Bishops and Priests that are still alive and are committing the gravest sins. Their sins offend Me so much.”

Our Lord said, “My child, I am deeply embarrassed in front of the whole congregation in Heaven.”

At that moment, I could see our Lord in Heaven, and the whole Heavenly Court - all the Apostles, Popes, Cardinals, Bishops and Priests surrounding Him and praising Him unceasingly.

I said, “Lord, You should be happy that they praise You and love You so much, and they also console You.”

Our Lord said, “I am still very sad and grieve for those who are still alive, because they offend Me, through the sins they are committing. There are only a very few of My Priests and Bishops in the world today who are truthful and sincere to Me.”

He said, “Pray for Pope Francis. He tries to do the right thing and to teach My Holy Word, but he has many enemies around him. They try to confuse him. Pray for him because he also suffers.”

I said, “Lord, since You are so upset and so sad, there is always a little corner in my heart where I can hide You and protect You from all of these offences that You receive.”

As I tried to console our Lord I made a gesture with my hands. I crossed them over my chest and I lovingly embraced our Lord in my heart.

I could see our Lord become very emotional with tears.

He said, “Thank you My child for understanding Me and consoling Me. I desire that My children would do the same, but they don’t understand that God also need consolation.”

Lord, be merciful to those alive and deceased.






Friday 22 April 2016

Watching the evening news While I was watching the evening news, there was a report from China, about a powerful dust storm which occurred during a school sports event. They showed at least two twisters form minutes apart. They showed how a powerful twister lifted many objects into the air, but the most frightening sight was when the twister lifted a school boy off the ground into mid-air.

There were at least two twisters one after the other, minutes apart, lifting objects into the air. I then heard a voice say, "Let us go down there to correct My children for doing wrong."

In my heart I knew it was God the Father speaking. We cannot point at just these people because God the Father will correct others also where there is wrongdoing.

Our Lord said, "Tell people not to be curious and ask 'what is new? what is going to happen in the world?' but to live the Word and reflect on the messages and what Heaven desires."

Prayer, conversion, trust in God and pray for sinners!