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By Valentina Papagna

July 26th, 2017

Feast of St Anne and St Joachim


During this time I had a lot of depressing suffering. As well as suffering physical pain coming from my leg, I was suffering from depression and grief, due to the loss of my dear son Frank. It was now the first anniversary of his death. The pain was going on for a few days. I said, “Lord Jesus, please help me.”


About five o’clock in the morning, the angel appeared to me.

He said, “Come with me. I have something to show you.”


Suddenly, we found ourselves in a very remote and rugged place. The whole landscape was very rocky and harsh. I followed the angel as we walked along a very difficult path.  I said to the angel, “Wow! This is the most difficult walk, that I have ever experienced.” I had to walk up a hill and then back down, and then we would walk round and round through this rugged place. At one point I felt like I was walking in a circle and couldn’t get out of it.


We kept walking round and round then up along this rocky hill, which had signs of ruins from ancient times. Then we would come to a very narrow part, where there was hardly anywhere to put your foot. It was such a struggle.

The angel said, “We are almost there.”


When finally the angel lead me out of it, he said, ‘You had to do this walking as penance for the souls that you will soon see.”


Standing and looking at the landscape in front of me, it was like a dry dessert. There was no greenery and no grass, it was dry all around. You could see some signs that there was once lush grass growing here, but now it was all dry.


We then came across a large black hole. It was like a deep pit completely black inside. Nearby I could see at least another three or four black holes just like it.

The angel warned me, saying, “Don’t come too close.”


Then the angel, looking at the big black hole said to me, “Do you believe there are people there? The pain that you received from your leg and the depression and grief that you suffered, for the loss of your son Frank, has brought a lot of benefits for the people that are trapped here under this ground. They have been here for many, many years. Today, all your sufferings brought good fruits. These people are coming out of the darkness and they will be liberated and come into the light.”


I said to the angel, “Wow! How could they possibly live underneath here?”

The angel said, “They’ve suffered a lot. They had a very heavy penance, and they were completely forgotten souls. No prayer has ever touched them.”


I understood, that even if prayer was offered for them by the living, it would not touch them because they did not merit that prayer.


Suddenly, I could see people starting to come out.

I said, to the angel, “Wow! They are coming out like rabbits from a burrow.” The angel smiled, “Rabbits don’t dig that far down into the ground. These souls were much deeper in the ground.”


For the first time they were coming out of the darkness. As they were coming up, I could see them rubbing their eyes, which were affected by the brightness, as they had not seen any light for a long, long time.


They were so skinny and dressed in raggedy brown clothes, and looked like prisoners. They were all men. I didn’t know what language they spoke, however I could see they were confused and disorientated but pleased that they had come out of the darkness.


A few of them came closer to us and I asked them, “Are you sorry for what you have done?” They said, “Yes, we are very sorry for the offences done to our God.”


The angel said, “Don’t worry, they will be taken care of.”

I said, “I have been to purgatory many, many times, in many different parts of purgatory, but never to a place as difficult as this one.”


Then the angel said, “Now I’ll take you back home.”


I was in that place for quite a long time. It was such a strange place.


I was thanking the Lord that I was back home, when suddenly, this saintly person appeared in front of me. He was a tall, slim, mature gentlemen. I felt in my heart he was an ancient prophet. He wore a most beautiful long, shiny, silvery robe. I could see he was holding something grey in his hands. It was a handful of writing pencils.


He handed over the writing pencils to me and said, “Take them because you have to write everything that you have experienced.”

He then disappeared.


I started to pray and made the Sign of the Cross, and all of a sudden our Lord Jesus appeared, smiling and looking very joyful.

He said, “Do you know, I had to come to tell you the good news, that what you have personally experienced and what you went through this morning, in that remote place, you have just liberated all the souls that were in the deepest hole and darkness. They were there for centuries and centuries. Today, liberation came for them and you brought them to light and you should be very joyful and happy for what you have done, and proud.”


I said, “But Lord, I don’t like to use the word proud.”

He said, “This is a different proud. It is something great that you have done that no one has done before.”


“I would appreciate that when you go to Mass today that you offer them up at the foot of the Altar because they will benefit greatly from the Holy Mass. It will be a mission accomplished for this group of souls,” He said.


I offered up Holy Mass for the souls that came out of the holes so that they can go back home to heaven. The Holy Mass is the highest offering for souls.


Then our Lord said to me, “The pencils that you have just received from the saint mean that you have to write down everything that you have experienced. People will like to read about your experiences and they will learn from them. It will benefit their own souls when the time comes. Those who read it, while still alive, can learn something which can benefit them later on, in the next life and help them avoid heavy penance.”


Many times before I would receive pencils like that but didn’t know why they were given to me. I would just take them and say thank you.


The angel directed me to these Poor Souls, so that I would offer them up in Holy Mass, because I am here on earth and am able to do that for them. It is very charitable to pray and to give alms and to offer up Holy Mass, which is very beneficial for holy souls. We should do this not just for our loved ones and friends but also for those souls whom we don’t know and are forgotten.


People, it is a serious matter, after we pass from this life to the next, as we don’t go directly to heaven, we have to be purified from every stain and sin that we commit on earth. It is very important to have charity in your heart, to forgive and to remember to offer from your heart, whatever you do and all your sufferings. Our Lord accepts everything.

It helps very much to go often to Reconciliation, Holy Mass and to pray devotions and the Holy Rosary.


I thank the Lord and appreciate that He is loving and merciful to accept us into His Heavenly Home.



July 23rd, 2017


My experiences with princess Diana of London


I have been inspired to write and share my experiences, with princess Diana of London. It has now been twenty years since her tragic death in Paris.


On the morning of  Sunday 31 August 1997, I went to Holy Mass. I had heard about princess Diana the day before. She had been in a very bad car accident in Paris, France. After I came home from Mass, my sister Angela who lives next door, called me. She was crying when she told me that they had just announced in the news that Princess Diana had died.

I too started crying. I liked her very much. At the same time however, I knew that she needed prayer. I know this especially from my many experiences with the Holy Souls. Every day they come to me and beg me to help them. Immediately I lit a candle for her and I offered up the Holy Rosary for her, but most of all I asked our Lord Jesus to be merciful to princess Diana.


It wasn’t at that moment that I had my first experience with Diana, but at five o’clock the next morning.


I was still asleep when suddenly I was awoken by some very loud and very heavy breathing. It was like the breathing of someone suffering from severe asthma.

When I opened my eyes, I could see princess Diana standing beside my bed. She was so close to me and was breathing heavily right next to my head. I recognised her right away, but her face was covered with a dark green mask, only her eyes were uncovered.


I started to say to her, “Go, Diana! Go to the Lord! Go to the Lord Jesus Christ, and may you rest in peace.


With my hands, I kept pushing her back and sending her away. But she wouldn’t go. I kept repeating for her to leave, “Go, Diana! Go to the Lord!”

At the same time, I heard a terrible loud wind coming into my house through the kitchen, and heading directly into my bedroom and landing at the foot of my bed.


What I saw were two black shadows, swirling above the foot of my bed, and they were making terrible, howling noises.

I was so frightened, with Diana standing over me, breathing heavily directly above my head, and at the same time, the two terrible dark shadows swirling around the room, their reflections I could also see in the mirror on my wardrobe.

I was calling out to our Lord Jesus to help me. So frightened and not knowing how all of this would end, I covered my head with my bed sheet.

Finally, after calling out to our Lord for help, the two dark shadows that were swirling around in my room, shot out through my bedroom window. They made such a noise, that the glass window shattered as they left.


Diana still remained there for a while. I kept saying to her, “May our Lord give you peace and pardon you, and may you rest in peace.”


I kept repeating, “Go! Go, Diana! Go to the Lord.”


Finally, after some time she left. I felt so relieved. I then made the Sign of the Cross and started to pray the Holy Rosary.


The dark shadows that had just left my room, each went their own way. They were no longer connected as when they were alive. Each soul is responsible for its own faults, committed while on earth. Diana was pleading for help for herself. The other two shadows did not mean anything to her anymore.


Later that morning I went to Holy Mass. I could hardly wait to tell Father Valerian what I had just experienced earlier that morning.  He asked me whether princess Diana had asked for help.  I said, “No, she didn’t talk, but she breathed very heavily and loudly.”

Fr Valerian said, “She was in very bad suffering, that’s why she could not talk.”


From that moment, I started to pray for her every day. I would offer Holy Mass for the repose of her soul. At the same time, I was sharing with people what I had just experienced, and telling them what happens to the soul of someone who dies suddenly and unrepentant.


I continued to pray.


In December of the same year, I was preparing for Christmas. I was writing Christmas cards to my relatives and friends, both here and overseas to Slovenia, Italy and America.

Every night I would go to sleep very late. Before bed, I would still have to say my evening prayers. Each night it would be about one thirty in the morning before I would retire.


One night in December, as I was kneeling in my bedroom, I was praying and talking to our Lord about the day that had just passed. I thanked Him for everything and asked Him to be merciful to me, my family and my friends. Suddenly, from behind, I heard someone call out my name.

The voice said, “Valentina! Please write me a card for Christmas.”

As I turned around, slightly to my right, I saw the figure of princess Diana. She was standing, holding her hands in grace.


Her appearance was very clean. There was no longer a green mask covering her face, and she was able to speak. She wore a latte coloured, long-sleeved blouse and a burgundy coloured skirt. Her hair was neat. She looked beautiful just as she was when she was alive.


Pleading with me, she again asked, “Valentina! Please, please write me a card for Christmas.”

A little puzzled, I listened to her request and said, “But where?”

Suddenly she vanished. She was gone from my room.


I went to bed thinking, “Why did she ask me to write her a card? Where do I send it? I tried to offer all of this to our Lord Jesus, but there was no answer from Him. On the morning of the third day, I went to church for the nine o’clock Holy Mass. Even during Mass I was thinking about what Diana had asked of me.

“What does all this mean?” I thought.

Still, I received no answer.


I came home and was busy with my home duties. Again it was getting closer to Christmas and I had more Christmas cards to write.

It was quite late when I went to bed. Before sleep I was on my knees, thanking the Lord for the day, and as I was looking at the beautiful image of the Sacred Heart in my room, suddenly I exclaimed to the Lord, “Lord, how dumb am I! ”

At that moment I understood what Diana wanted from me.

I said to the Lord, “I know where I have to send her a card for Christmas. I send it to You My Lord, not to princess Diana.”


“Here is my petition:

Dear Lord Jesus, on behalf of myself and princess Diana. I ask you to give her a grace to go to Heaven for Christmas, and I thank You Lord Jesus.”


After I did that, I felt such a relief.  How dumb am I? It took me twenty-four hours to understand. When I finally understood, it was the Holy Spirit Who helped me.


I thought, “What does our Lord think of me? Dumb! Dumb! How dumb she is. Finally she worked out what it means.”


I finally went to bed thinking that I would have a good and peaceful night’s sleep. However it was not to be. Just over half an hour after I offered my petition to the Lord, I started to get really sick. I was sweating all over. My body was going from cold to hot, to having a fever. I was in so much pain that I couldn’t move. I eventually gathered my strength and managed to switch on the bedside lamp. I was thinking, “Here I am so sick that I can’t even call my son to come to me.”I was dying really fast with no-one by my side.


I called on Jesus and our Blessed Mother to come to my aid, but no one came to help me.

After some time, suddenly our Lord Jesus came to me. He came and stood at my bedside and then bending down beside me, with a gentle smile, He said, “I am very sorry that you are so sick, but I come to tell you, that you will not die. ”

“For what you ask you must suffer,” He said.

He repeated a few times, “Suffer wellSuffer well!”

Then He went away.


During the night, throughout all of the suffering and pain, our Lord Jesus came back three times to console me and to give me strength. At seven o’clock in the morning, He came once again. He stood at my bedside, and placed His Holy Hand above my head, then gently passing his Hand all the way down my body, all the pain instantly left me. His Holy Hand lifted up and took away all the pain.  Then smiling at me He said, “My child, thank you for your suffering. Now go to sleep for a while and rest.”


This is why Diana came to me. She asked that I suffer for her so that she will be delivered safely to God.  I started to pray for her every day and to offer daily mass up for her. I was speaking to people about how a soul suffers, especially when a person dies suddenly and unprepared and unrepentant. It is very important to pray for the souls, and offer Holy Masses and perform acts of charity for them.


After the Feast of the Epiphany, the angel appeared in my bedroom, and said, “Come and witness for someone that you have helped and have prayed for.”

Suddenly, we found ourselves in a most beautiful park. I can still see the greenery and beautiful gardens, and the small lake of water, over which passed a little walking bridge.

The angel said, “Here is the resting place of princess Diana.”

We were now standing at her resting place, which was surrounded by many angels, and each of them was holding a vigil candle.

The angel that accompanied me said, “She is no longer here. She went home to Heaven.”

I was so happy and so full of joy for her, that she had gone to Heaven and that my little contribution helped her.

The angel said, “You should be very happy for the suffering that you had. It produced good fruit to help her go to Heaven.”


One day If I could have a chance to meet her sons, I would tell them about my experiences with their mother. They should be very happy and not sad for her, because one day they will meet her again, and they will see her the way they left her, most beautiful and young. They will be happy and joyful together forever.

I felt deeply inspired to write this for the twentieth anniversary of her death.


Our Lord Jesus said, “It is good that you make known what was given to you and shown to you. If you keep it for yourself it will remain with you. If you share it, people may like to read it, and it may touch many. It is not the end when we die but the beginning of new life. ”


Princess Diana appeared one more time, with a holy angel by her side. She was very joyful. She said, “Valentina! I come to thank you for what you have done for me to help me.”  She looked so beautiful and radiant and so young and was dressed all in white. She looked even more beautiful now.



 July 16th, 2017

As I was praying my evening prayers, St Padre Pio briefly appeared to me. He was dressed as a capuchin priest.

He said, “Do not be upset. There are better days ahead for you. Be courageous and proclaim the Word of God. Be happy.”