Recent Messages

By Valentina Papagna

December 8 and December 10, 2017

December 8th, 2017
St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta
Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception

During Holy Mass, our Lord asked me to offer Him everyone that I could think of.

Jesus said, “Do you know there is so much misery and confusion in the world today, even in this country of Australia? I want to tell you how sad it makes Me for your leaders in Government to permit same-sex marriage. Tell people not to judge them but rather pray for their souls. I know that it makes everyone very unhappy to see what is happening. Only I can judge and condemn. All these events that you see, and that are happening right now in front of your eyes, have been prophesised long ago.”

Jesus said, “Sacrilege, blasphemy and abomination are now here, and you are living in them, because you are living in the end of times. Then the new event which is prophesised will follow soon. Do not lose hope. Courageously believe in your Saviour.”

“Once again, I want to remind you that you are now living in the end of times.”

Jesus Christ then said, “Stay very close to Me so that I can protect you.”

Lord Jesus, have mercy on us and protect us.




December 9th, 2017
The angel came and took me to Purgatory where we saw many suffering souls.

After we finished seeing many of these souls, some needing encouragement and others needing consolation, we came out of this huge place where the souls were being detained.

The angel said, “I was also sent to you to reveal and to show you how a very bad disaster will happen in Melbourne.”

I asked the angel, “What kind of disaster?”

He then showed me in a vision, very destructive winds, a lot of water and debris.

Then I turned to the angel and said, “Oh the poor people!”

With a stern look the angel responded, “Do not say that! Think of how God is very offended! You should say, ‘Let it be Your Holy Will’ and pray for all of what has been shown to you, before it has happened. Maybe then by praying, God will be merciful towards these people.”

Then the angel showed me a huge wall which was part of a very long building. The wall was a light cream colour.

I was greatly disturbed by what I saw next. I could see many, many coffins lined upright against this long wall. The lids of the coffins were all black.

The angel said, “They will be ready for when the disaster will happen.”

I said, “This is very scary.”

The angel responded, “Things happen. You are all mortal and you are not here forever.”

This vision gave me an eerie feeling and made me very unsettled. I haven’t experienced anything like this before.

I said, “Lord Jesus, please protect the people of Melbourne.




December 10th, 2017
A Christmas Lesson of Love for Everyone

Our Lord Jesus said, ‘Do you know, when I came down to earth and was born in a poor stable, the world stopped for a period of time? Science has tried to work out where is the missing time, but they can never find it.”

He said, “Just imagine that the whole of creation and the whole universe stopped because the Saviour came down from Heaven to be born. If people would only understand the majesty and meaning of God, they would praise Me and love Me much more deeply than how they do now, but rather they choose to condemn Me.”

He said, “All of nature on earth bows to Me, and loves Me. But you My children, so seldomly say ‘I love You my Lord.’ ”

Our Lord loves us so deeply that He comes down from Heaven for us. He wishes that we return at least a little bit of love and respect to Him, our God and our Saviour.

Our Lord was very sad when He was telling me all of this. It was so touching and emotional that I cried.

He still continues to love us, and never gives up on us.

I hope Jesus will give you peace and special blessings this Christmas. He loves you very much.