Recent Messages

By Valentina Papagna

August 10 thru August 18, 2019


Father Valerijan: Messages from Heaven work in four stages

During my morning prayers, I received a special visit from Father Valerijan, who used to be my Spiritual director while he was alive. He looked like a young man, and he was wearing a priestly habit with a stole around his neck. He came accompanied by two angels.

He said, “Valentina, I come to explain to you how the messages you receive from Heaven work and what you must do.”

Father Valerijan was very serious as he was speaking to me.

He said, “I will explain to you. The messages you receive from Heaven work in four stages. First, you receive the messages from our Lord and from Heaven, that is stage one. Next, stage two, you write down the messages. At the third stage, you type the messages and distribute them to be read by others. The fourth stage is that you go to people to explain the messages to them. Speak to them about what our Lord desires for humanity.”

“You have to take this task seriously; do not neglect anything that comes from God. What comes from God is very precious.”

The angels were smiling while Father Valerijan was speaking to me.

Collapse of the Economy

This morning, while I was praying, an angel appeared. He took me to a deserted place. I saw buildings, half-constructed and abandoned, and slowly decaying. As we walked, I saw tall unfinished buildings, even derelict cement mixers, left and abandoned.

The angel said, “The economy will collapse, and there will be no money to continue the work. This collapse is coming. Tell people repent and come back to God. See what sin permits. The sin reaches all the way to Heaven, and because mankind does not want to repent and does not want to acknowledge God, they will suffer the consequences.”

During the Holy Mass, Lord Jesus said, “Valentina, when a nation permits such a horrible sin and it is accepted by the public, not only the people who permit such a horrible sin, but the whole nation will suffer. The sin leaves consequences for everyone”

Feast of the Assumption

During the night Blessed Mother appeared and took me to Purgatory.

She said, ‘See all the pain and suffering that we give you, from it you produced a lot of fruits.”

I could see a huge gathering of Holy Souls and they were waiting to enter Heaven.

They said, “Today we are very blessed. We are going home to Heaven.”

Blessed Mother said, “You had to go through the intense pain and suffering in order for these souls to be released to go to Heaven. They are so joyful and happy.”

I said. “Blessed Mother today is a very special feast day, your Assumption into Heaven. You should be rejoicing in Heaven.”

She responded, “See, I really care for my children. I want to help them and take them to Heaven, because they have endured long suffering to be purified.”

I will not Beg you Forever
St Patrick’s Cathedral Parramatta

During the Holy Mass, and during the Consecration, our Lord Jesus appeared standing in front of me.

He said, “What My Mother tells you in her message today, you must take seriously.”

“Tell people to convert and to come back to God. The times are short. People no longer take the messages seriously. They are even ignoring them.”

He said, “I will not beg you forever!”

Her Real Tears for Humanity

This morning, while I was praying, Blessed Mary most Holy appeared as our Lady of Fatima. She said, “Come and witness my tears my daughter! They are real! They are real tears that I cry for my disobedient children.”

“Never before, has the human race distanced itself away from the true God as now in this time, and they break all the Laws the He gives them. They disobey His Commandments.”

“They make their own laws of possession of goods and they are never satisfied. The more they have, the more they want. So much greed! ”

“I cry for my innocent children. They abort them by the thousands and thousands. These children cry to their Creator. I tell you, if humanity does not change, it is closer and closer to the Chastisement.”

“I can no longer hold my hand to protect you. Take seriously this message that I give you. This sin people commit on earth smells so bad, like petrol when you spill it on the ground. The same sin reaches all the way to Heaven. God can no longer watch humanity, so disobedient to His love and mercy. “My daughter, tell people to repent and change and not to delay, for now is the time to decide.”

As Blessed Mother was giving me this message, I watched huge tears plunging down her face. Never before have I seen such huge tears cried by Her.

During the week I was feeling quite sad because my long time neighbours, a young family with children, were vacating their home. I only found out after seeing the removalist truck pull up in front of their home. They were moving to a larger house in new neighbourhood. I thought we were quite close, as we would always talk to each other when we would see each other outside. However, without warning, and to my great surprise they were moving, with barely saying goodbye.

Today Blessed Mother consoled me. She said, “Valentina my daughter, do not be disappointed at what you experienced with your neighbour. They choose wrong, and they like to have the best of material wealth. They are of the world.”

‘Be happy and remain humble and poor, because you do not belong to this world. You belong to us in Heaven, where you will have all happiness.”