Recent Message

By Valeria Copponi

August 3, 2017

My children, pray that the Church would go back to shining with its proper light. You cannot claim to be true Christians if you serve God and the ancient enemy. I tell you that my church is One - Holy - Catholic and Apostolic: the rest does not concern you. Little children, if I offered my life on the cross it is because only by being reconciled to my Father will you be among my descendants in the Spirit. Do not make the mistake of joining your "I believe" with other [religious] affiliations; I am the God of your fathers, the Creator of heaven and earth, the Only Triune God - do not worship other gods besides Me. The other one will still seek to sow confusion in any way but, at harvest time, the weeds will be burned and the good part of my crop will remain. My children, I will not allow you to change even a comma of what my apostles wrote, I repeat that my Word is One; whoever will be respectful and put into practice what is written will be my faithful servant and I will open my Kingdom forever to him[/her]. Be aware that what you are experiencing at this moment is an alarming deviation away from everything spiritually divine. Draw near to your daily bread and feed on it in abundance, make yourselves safe against all that is negativity and aberration. I take care of my flock and will defend it until the end. Do not be afraid; if you do not turn away from my law, I will stay by your side. I am that Good Father of whom the sacred writing speaks extensively. I bless you in My Trinity; be united in my word and you will reach the Summit. Little children, only my love is true.


Jesus - the Father - the Holy Spirit.