Jesus, the Most Perfect One

By Valeria Copponi

January 11, 2017

Note from the Translator:

Dear Jimmy,
Here are translations of the latest messages to Valeria Copponi and Giulio Massa (the latter being particularly striking IMHO). Regarding the message to Valeria C., my sense, while obviously remembering that this material is not infallible, is that it is important to interpret such locutions in context and not to try to turn them into precise statements of dogmatic theology. For example, it is clear that the words 'only my angels can intercede for you together with My Mother', this does not mean that the Saints or Holy Souls in Purgatory (or for that matter anyone still here on earth) cannot also intercede for us, which would be theologically absurd. The intention of the message is evidently to stress the unique role played in our lives by our Guardian Angels as those who always see the face of the Father (Matthew 18:10) and intercede for us.
Grace, Peter

Thanks my friend for the clarification.  Hope you don't mind me sharing this with the world.  You can articulate this far better than me ;)




Your guardian angels are close to you. Be grateful towards your guardians, pray to them from the morning onwards, because they are your intermediaries between heaven and earth. Let yourselves be guided, especially in these times of confusion.

They have been guiding you since your birth and know your every little desire, every pain, every joy. Invoke them, and then listen to their suggestions.

I will have given them to you as your only true help. They intercede before Me and the Father for your every need and are happy when, on your part, you can offer prayers, sacrifices and requests so that you can improve your way of life.

Your angels are close to you and accompany you as true friends and protectors; they are grateful to the Father because each of you has the certainty of not being alone, even for a moment. My dear children, I will never leave you to your own devices, especially in the face of the difficulties you have to face every day.

They are your loyal friends, you walk safely beside them; turn more often during the day to these diligent companions of yours and you will see your days coloured with optimism and goodness towards the One who gave them to you from the beginning until your last breath .

They are your advocates and will plead your cause in sincerity and truth. I love you and my Mother turns to them to help you overcome any problem, especially in your spiritual insecurity.

Be generous with your guardian angels, give them offerings and prayers so that they can happily address the Father with full hands, filled with all your gratitude.

Rejoice my dearest children, and from today on do not feel alone anymore: I have thought of you perfectly, only my angels can intercede for you together with my Mother. I bless you.

Jesus, the Most Perfect One