Mary all pure

By Valeria Copponi

January 25, 2017

Mary all pure is with you.

My dearest sons and daughters, please be pure; I know, this word is no longer fashionable on your planet, but I beseech you, be pure and chaste. I your mother, have given the example and my most chaste spouse is an example to all your young people.

I want to talk about just this today: my children no longer know the meaning of purity. The commandments are no longer in vogue but remember, the sixth still speaks clearly today: do not commit impure acts! And here I beseech you, if you will recover the great gift of purity, my Son will be forced to come to all his children with graces and miracles.

I trusted the words of "Gabriel", my little children: I was young but I quickly understood that this offer would be my salvation and that my example would enamour many young people with living in purity and chastity.

The spiritual life brings us closer to God, so it is worth leaving the things of the world and putting in first place that which makes us gain eternal life.

My chaste Joseph was an exemplary father and most chaste husband; I tell the young people to follow his example and they will find happiness on earth and the love of God in heaven.

I am always close to you, my children: listen to me, consecrate your children to me, because in this time of great difficulty it is only with my motherly help that you will be able to overcome the difficulties of every day.

Try to put into practice my suggestions and you will find that your life will change. Joy will fill your hearts, the family will go back to being the pulsating heart of society, and you will recover love, joy and unity.

I bless you in the hope that my young people will open their hearts.

Mary all pure