Mary, Mother Inviolate

By Valeria Copponi

November 22, 2017

My children, do not judge, but love your brethren, above all those who are weak in temptation. I tell you that my weakest children have upon their shoulders loneliness, estrangement, and misunderstanding. This means that they have more need of your understanding.

Let us leave judgment to your Father who is in heaven and who knows well your hearts. Help each other. Be true imitators of my Son. Console, rather than judge. Seek always to go to meet the one who, in the eyes of others, seems different and callous.

I tell you that you will have to account for all the times that you have made an erroneous judgment. May the Word of God always help you in discernment. None of you is perfect; therefore, help each other to improve in your behavior, in your thoughts, and above all in your works.

None of you will cross the gates of paradise if you do not repent of evil done in good or bad faith. I love you, and for this reason I desire that you love each other. It is good if you reawaken each other when you are in error, but seek absolutely not to make snap judgments.

Do not punish a brother because he does not think like you. One is not always right, and all will be subject to final judgment. Love each other and understand each other, assume your responsibilities for each other, and you will see that the world will change thanks to your non-judgments.

I bless you, I cover your with my mantle and I defend you from every untimely judgment. Love each other more and you will be united in concord.

Mary, Mother Inviolate