Recent Messages

By Valeria Copponi

September 6 and September 20, 2017

September 6, 2017

My little children, see my Son Jesus on that Cross, where he took upon Himself all your sins. How can you still live so distractedly and with so much malice and cunning.
My children, good Christians following Christ should not be cunning, malicious, santimonious [buonisti*]; no, I assure you, be sincere, merciful, good and right, and then you will indeed be able to profess yourselves to be Catholics - Christians.
Today, true love is no longer understood, every child of mine seeks to be cunning in order to reach the goal first. Not so, not so, my children, you who are consoling me with your prayer, do you begin living in truth and true goodness.
There is no half measure: either you are of Jesus or you belong to Satan. Wake up, start walking on the right path, repent of the evil done in the name of power and control, come back without losing any more time, as it could be too late. Be truthful and your brothers will believe in you.
It is not the one says, "Lord, Lord," who will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but whoever does the will of God. God is Truth, therefore be his worthy children. It is true that truth often hurts, but do-goodism [buonismo*] will not get you anywhere.
Your Lord still looks at you from that Cross; exchange his gaze of love and be sincere towards yourselves and others. I urge you to be coherent, strong, bold in putting your good will to the test.
Do not be ashamed of being truthful, do not be afraid of false judgments, My Son sees and provides for all those who testify to his truth.
I bless you, arm yourself with good, eternal truth.

Mary the True.

[Translator's note: the Italian terms buonisti and buonismo have no simple English equivalents: implied is an appearance of goodness but which contains an element of false moralizing - 'do-goodism' - or naivety with respect to evil.]


13 September 2017

My daughter, your sadness is a little part of mine; do you still want to share it with me for a while? I am very grieved at what you will have to face in the times to come. Almost none of my children are aware that the times you are experiencing are times of trial. Satan is furious with all my children and is trying them at every instant and at all occasions, and they are almost not responding any more to such temptations. My little children, I am counting so much on you, my little remnant. Speak, evangelize, and bless your rebellious brothers who are deaf to God's words. I need your help; seek with all your love to open their hearts - otherwise, refusing my word, they will fall ever lower. How will they then get up without help? Do they not know that they are rejecting God's love? And together with love they refuse liberation from eternal death. I am still trying to hold [back] the hand of My Son, but I assure you that it is not easy, and your brothers do not want to understand how difficult their situation is. If they lose eternal life, what will they become of them? They do not want to give up the things of the world, they do not know that losing eternity is the most terrible thing that can happen to them. Please, little children, try to convince these children of mine with so much love; I cannot accept their refusals and lose them forever. Soon, things on earth will change, everything will turn against you, you will lack essentials, and then if you do not have faith in My Son, what will be left for you? Death, only death will have the final word. But do not fear, I will never leave you. I bless you tenderly.

Mary, Heavenly Mother


September 20, 2017

My little children, I come to enflame your hearts with the love of God, but I realize that the hearts of my children are refusing true love in order to run after the one who is the exact opposite of love. Open well your ears and even more your heart to my Son's Word, otherwise it could be too late. Little children, playing with fire is never good, remember that sooner or later you will get burned. Today I do not want to frighten you, but I must remind you that there is a kind of flame that burns the soul and this is called eternal death. You always weep when you lose someone, but what is more important is to understand why you weep. Ask yourselves this question; for a good Christian to die in the world means to be born to eternal life, so physically you will miss the person who leaves you, but what you should weep more over should be the thought that the person loved could lose life eternally. I want to reflect together with you on the certainty of meriting God's forgiveness: in the moment of passing we are certain that death is actually meeting with the One who gave us life, but if we leave this world in grave sin and far from God's love, then unfortunately death will be eternal death. My children, let the Holy Ghost enflame your hearts, and then death will make you less afraid. Hell is what you need to avoid: by following God and his law you will have eternal life as the final reward. So think of death today with less pain and shedding fewer tears.

Mary, Eternal Joy.