Mary, Mother of Jesus

By Valeria Copponi

February 7, 2018

Dear children, may Christ reign in your hearts. As you recite in the prayer of the Hail Mary, the Fruit of my womb is blessed; but so many of you, while reciting the prayer, think very little about that Fruit.

For me, very unripe, even I, a young woman, accepted that which the angel announced to me, with a heart tested one hundred percent. What would you be ready to answer to such an incredible request?

My children, that blessed Fruit was bitter for all the sufferings that we had to confront from the beginning. I, the Mother of God, how I understood which road I was taking, and with all the trials that were springing up before me day after day.

My daughters, I tell you this because we women have great responsibilities before God. Take example from Me, mother of the Only-Begotten.

Be good teachers with your children and remember that the more one loves, the more one suffers; we are invited to give our lives for our children. Even your children are blessed fruit. Continue to the end to keep them true blessed fruit. You will be asked, at the end of your days, how you were able to raise them in love.

They are gifts of God and to God you must give them back. Seek to educate them only by imitating Me. Be aware that your little ones will be the big ones of tomorrow, men rich in the fear of God, able to educate in the truth, in holiness, in love.

You do not need money to enrich your children, but the example of the love of God. The more they love God, the more they will enrich the lives of their own children and of their children’s children.

You are all part of the genealogy of Jesus; this must be your wealth. Children of God, brothers of Jesus, be blessed in their Name.

Mary, Mother of Jesus