Mary, Infinite Love

By Valeria Copponi

October 23, 2019

Let my blessing come down on all of you, my children, who still pray with love. The most important thing is to show love for one’s neighbor. The commandments record it for you but many of your brethren turn a deaf ear.

Love does not consist in sex or, even less, in speaking and not accompanying words with works. Remember, my children, that that which is of the world remains of the world. Only by listening to the Holy Spirit who is in you can you love with sanctifying love.

I always counsel you to love your brethren, above all those who are fare from the love of my Son. You know well that far from God true love does not exist. Love often means sacrifice. It means denying oneself for his brethren, suffering even for them just to bring the into the Heart of God.

I love you and will continue to suggest all that enriches you more on the spiritual level. Be loving like my Son has been loving with you and for you. Giving the life that passes to reach eternal life is the maximum of love.

Demonstrate love by sacrificing your own life and not only with words. Be always present with those who suffer because of desperation because, if one does not believe in God, sooner or later he ends by no longer feeling anything good and beautiful in life and for life.

The world sooner or later disappoints. One only is the Creator God. On earth all will be imperfect and often disappointing. Entrust to me those dear to you and all those who need to believe in love. I will bring them to my Son in a way that they can know True Love.

I bless you. Be loving children.

Mary, Infinite Love