Mary, Your Help

By Valeria Copponi

October 16, 2019

My daughter, how can you think: You are not coming today? How can I not come to my Cenacle?

Do you not know that the things that are born of the Spirit resist every storm? I am here with you, like always. I will defend you from Satan in every moment of the day and of the night.

Only those who decide to draw far from me will no longer hear me. Without my help, you would quickly fall into “his clutches.” I love you and my Son lets me help all those who want it.

You have not yet understood that the times in which you are living you cannot live out in peace if I draw far from you. Dear children, prepare yourselves to face the battle that will change your life.

My Son is been put far from the life of most of your brethren and, therefore, humanity finds itself still more confronting the enemy with weapons not suitable for this kind of war.

Pray for these brethren of yours who are not aware of the risk that they are taking. So many of my children live in most total darkness and therefore urgently need your prayers.

I am always ready to intercede for you. I am with you continually and without interruption. I guide you, I suggest to you what is best for you, I counsel you about what is best for you in certain moments.

Remember that without my help you would no longer be able to face your enemy who in these times is prevailing over my children precisely because they themselves let him.

Dear children, pray – pray – pray. Never tire of asking my intercession. I bless you, I promise you that I will listen to your supplications.

Mary, Your Help