Do Not Lose Your Smile

By Valeria Copponi

April 21, 2021

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Countdown to the Kingdom

Message from Mary, Queen of the People

My children, please do not lose your smile. Whoever believes in God should not lose hope. Believe me; I understand your sufferings, but I assure you that they will not be eternal. I am with you, your Mother, she who suffered for your salvation and who still continues to climb Calvary together with Jesus for the rebirth in heaven of all her children: sinners, but so dearly loved. Always turn to us in your difficulties and you will not be disappointed. Love — true love never dies; it forgives offenses so as not to scatter its children.

Console one another, for soon all this suffering will end in order to give way to the uncontainable joy that only Jesus can grant. Continue praying, above all for the Church and her consecrated: this is a hard time to live in, but be certain that you will be rewarded as only Jesus can and knows how to do. We will always be ready to encourage and help you in all your needs, but do not give up: have faith, continue to pray for your families and above all where the Devil has the capacity to put to the test those who believe in his temptations.[1] Soon all this will end: we will come back to you in joy and will enrich you with our blessed presence. My love for you grows more and more: I embrace you, above all in your most difficult moments; do not surrender to the Devil.

I bless you and Jesus sustains you, freeing you from all danger if you entrust yourselves completely to Him. Love one another and forgive each other. May Jesus be with you.



1 ie. believe the devil exists to tempt us; cf. Matt 6:13