You Are Living in the End Times

By Valeria Copponi

December 15, 2021

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Countdown to the Kingdom

Message from Mary, the Lady of Waiting

Yes, little children, continue to pray with these words: “Come, Lord Jesus.” I too am with you: my Son is leaving me with you for a little while longer, otherwise you would be completely lost in these dark times. You know full well that on your planet you are living in the end times, but this should not cause you pain or regret, for the times that are coming to completion will leave open the way for us to come among you. [1]

Little children, I want and ardently desire that each one of you would occupy the place that belongs to you since the beginning. Finally, we will be able to pray and give thanks together to the Heavenly Father, Who has had the goodness to cover you with His Spirit in order to protect you from the negativity of Satan. Little children, I love you so very much and I cannot wait much longer before taking you all in one single embrace. I who am the Mother of all humanity [2] want my time to become your time. Jesus is about to take action; the heavens will open in order to fulfill their task, allowing the final obstacle that divides us [from you] to be traversed. Our embrace will change many broken hearts and heal many wounds. Pay attention — there will no longer be indifference, suffering, bitterness and pain all around you, but each of you will be able to count on the loyalty of others, on joy, on the sweetness of all lips that will only open in order to praise, to bless, to say “Hosanna” to Him who gave His life on that Cross.

Little children, you will not have to wait much longer, so I say to you: be ready — what you have been waiting for will be fulfilled. Pray and offer up sacrifices for your unbelieving brothers and sisters. I bless you and promise you peace, joy and love.


↑1 This should not be taken as implying the imminent end of the world, as elsewhere in the messages to Valeria Copponi there are passages concerning the coming of God’s reign of justice and the triumph of a renascent Church. In line with many other contemporary mystics, the reference to “coming among you” should be interpreted spiritually rather than physically. Translator’s note.
↑2 Genesis 3:20: “The man gave his wife the name “Eve,” because she was the mother of all the living.” In New Testament times, Our Lady is the “new Eve”, and by virtue of Christ’s Passion, Our Mother: ‘It is at the hour of the New Covenant, at the foot of the cross, that Mary is heard as the Woman, the new Eve, the true “Mother of all the living.”‘ —CCC, n. 2618