Take Joseph for your example

By Valeria Copponi

March 17, 2021

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Message from Mary, Queen of the Family

My dearest children, speak within the family, tell them that my family is the example to imitate. The Child Jesus blesses all your families that are tried by divisions, bad examples, and negativity of every kind.

My Joseph is the father that Jesus loved and whom he obeyed. Take him for your example. He knows well your difficulties, because he himself lived difficult moments, above all because he was a father to the Savior.

Dear children, let the Holy Family protect you, defend you, and be your example, then you will be able to say that the examples you are giving to your children are correct and to be imitated.

We suffered. Our family was attacked by wicked people and by those who had the power to decide our existence. I tell you, fear not what you are living through. With you, they are acting exactly like they did with us.

Be strong, because the Holy Family is with you. Pray to them, ask them counsel, entrust yourselves to us with the certitude that you will have all the help you need. Suffering leads to glory. Jesus and Joseph are your true forefathers. Entrust to them all your problems and I assure you that you will overcome them.

I am with you. Let me life be an example for you. Seek to love your enemies, to save souls that run the risk of being lost and Jesus will repay you with peace and joy of heart. Be certain that our blessing will sustain you and will make you victors on all fronts. May the blessing of Jesus, of my Joseph, and my own be upon all of you.

Mary, Queen of the Family