Help Me Bring Them Back

By Valeria Copponi

November 30, 2022

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Countdown to the Kingdom

Message from “Immaculate Mary of the blue roses”

Immaculate Mary of the blue roses [1]

You invoke me as the “Immaculate of the blue roses” and I want to inflame your hearts for Jesus in this time that you dedicate to me, later celebrating me on December 8. I am your Mother and in these times preceding your remembrance of the birth of Jesus, I advise you to recommend all your young people to Him. These young people are lost, they are only going to conquer what the world offers them materially: they no longer know what is fundamental for saving their lives. Please help me bring them back to Jesus, He will bring them back to the right path, so that one day not far away they can conquer true happiness. Only if they come back before the Tabernacle, where Jesus is waiting for them day and night to bless them and bring them back to Him, will they be able to say that they have conquered true happiness. I thank you, my children, if you succeed in bringing your little children back to the true Father, the One who will offer them eternal life full of true joy. Be obedient in these last times, follow Jesus and me at every step and you will have the joy of living forever in the Paradise that awaits you in the name of Jesus and Mary. I continue to pray for all My children, especially for those furthest from the Eternal Father. I love you and want to have you in my arms in order to hold you tightly to my sorrowful heart. Pray, I beseech you that all young people might return to the Father.

I bless you and promise that I will still pray to Jesus for you.


↑1 [* Italian: Immacolata delle rose blu, a Marian title found in the writings of the alleged mystic Anna Maria Ossi, foundress of the association Corona del Cuore Immacolato di Maria SS. together with Fr Gianfranco Verri (1931-2020), who supervised the publication of many of Anna Maria’s writings. See Translator’s note.]