Mary, Virgin and Mother

By Valeria Copponi

February 1, 2023

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My dearest children, have no fear or trembling about the things you will see, because you are in the times established by my Son. All that is contrary to his Will will come to an end. Your guardian angels will take care of each of you and all, finally, will come to a close on your incoherent earth.

Many of you, unfortunately, do not believe in the coming of Jesus on your earth, but they will have to capitulate before the evidence. Too many sins, too much wickedness, have taken possession and goodness, among men, no longer exists.

I am sorry to see you suffer but all will come to an end before each of you is aware of it. Your Father will say the word “End” and all will come to fulfillment on your earth.

My dear children: pray, pray, pray, that all my children be aware that your times are coming to an end. Unfortunately, most of you, until now, have shut your ears to my words, but time is truly at its end.

You who have always listened to my words, continue to pray and offer sacrifices for my children who are deaf to my recommendations. I thank you and pray for you and your families. Do not let yourselves be bound by temptation. Jesus is with you.

I bless you and protect you. Be always attentive to my recommendations. The Lord be always with all of you and his Holy Spirit protect you in trials.

Mary, Virgin and Mother