You Are So Cherished

By Linda

July 31, 2015


Friday, July 31, 2015 3:28 – 3:57 pm

Father, why did Jesus have to physically suffer to save all of us?  I thought I knew at one time, but it seems like the answer is at the tip of my tongue.  Is it because Adam sinned as a man, so there had to be an equality of a sort of category?  Well, I don’t have to know unless You want.  Anyway, thanks for a beautiful morning with my posse.  Love Me.

Belovéd Children, you are so cherished by Me.  I am the Lord God and Father.  Come to Me with all of your Hearts and know the ease of My Peace.  Know the comfort of My Love.  Know the satisfaction of My Joy.  And take advantage or be truly blessed by My wondrous gift of Mercy.  Belovéd Children, in your illnesses, do not wander or stray away from Me.  I am your Divine and Heavenly Father and I seek the cherished company of every single one of My Children.  There is no thing that you can ever do that will turn Me against you.  You can commit no sin that I will not forgive.  I am your Loving Father and Heavenly Parent.  Do not fear the World or what lies within it.

I AM Love.  Succumb to Me, treasured Children.  Come to Me and revel in the goodness or pleasantness or joy of My Love and Divinity.  Know you are precious, valuable, of such high worth.  More than you can understand.  In knowing this, treat yourselves with Love.  Treat your selves kindly.  You are precious to Me, My Children.  You are precious.  Even you that hide in the darkness and you who feel brought low by your own decisions or devices, are so very cherished.  Come to Me and know the brilliant Light of My Love.  Feel what you are, important, treasured, Belovéd.

Oh weeping and weary souls, be for Me.  Cry your tears and I wipe your eyes Lovingly.  Turn to Me in your grief, for I am with you always.  Turn to Me in your grief.  Turn to Me in your anger.  Do not allow the seed of anger to grow within your Hearts.  Anger leads to hatred and hatred to sin, and sin to damnation.  Thus, let go of all that angers your souls and seek that which is peaceful and Love-filled or strewn with the Peace and Happiness of My Love.

Belovéd Children, sing to Me and it is more beautiful and more touching to Me than you can know.  Your very voices, the sound of your very voice carries Me to such joys.  You are so special and precious, My Children.  Know always that I am with you.  

Walk the path of My Most Belovéd Son, the Christ.  Know true joy through Love and discipline.  Become dismissive of the World and set your eyes upon the gift of Heaven.  Remove yourself from the dishonors and distractions of this World and feel the Love of My Heart drawing your faith to Me.  Keep your Heart looking towards the future that you will accept what comes your way joyfully and impatiently, knowing full well that your Belovéd Lord is pleased with you and awaits you with great gifts and an abundance of Love.

Belovéd Children, I heal all wounds.  I heal all wounds and look kindly upon the faithful in this World.  Do not be unkind to one another but cherish your Brother as I cherish you.  Oh, Belovéd Children, I long for you and wait for your calls. Do not separate yourself from Me.  Even a minute without thought of Me brings your Souls down to nothingness.  When you are with Me in all ways, Heart, Mind, and Soul, you are made whole.  When you are away from Me, your Lord God and Father who adores your every move and breath, you are incomplete and easy prey for darknesses.  Thus, I say, be with Me and for Me always.  Be unafraid to speak My Holy Name, morning, noon, and night.  I cherish you and long for you to cherish Me, My Children.

Walk with the Christ, My Belovéd Children.  Trust in He who saves you by His great Love and compassion for you. Know His Love and honor the Christ, for He is My Most Belovéd Son and requires your Love and adoration.  Seek out the Christ and you are guided by Divinity, Holiness, Love, Heavenly BIG Love.  Do not stay away from Him, for He too longs for each of you to Love and adore Him.

Beware of the one who sits upon a king’s black chair, for his heart is sour and his plans are dark.  Leap away from the horse ride he shall take.  It is before you now and all of My Belovéd Children are at risk.
    Father, what do we risk?   Your Souls, My Love.  You must remain ever faithful to Me that you will have true and Divine guidance for what comes. There are many who will seek to derail your Love for Me and the work that you do in My Name.  Thus, I say, live your life of Love and devotion fully and do not stray from Me.  When you stray, you are in darkness.  When you stray, you are easily fooled by that which is black made white.  Stay with Me, My Belovéd Children, and increase your faith in Me.

Belovéd Children, know I am ever with you and with My Love you can do all things.  Your trust in Me is a BIG thing or a main requirement.  Trust in Me, My Belovéds and know all that is good and recognize all that is evil that you may step away from those things.  Belovéd Children, have peace in your lives and Love.  Peace, My Children.  Peace.