He Has Saved Us from the "Eternal No"

By Linda

August 6, 2015


Thursday, August 6, 2015 3:12 – 3:47

Belovéd Children, My Way is good and it is just.  I do not fail My Belovéd Children.  I listen to you and embrace your Hearts.  Belovéd Children, do not let go of your faith.  Indeed, grow it and expand it.  Share My Love and the feel of it with your Brothers and Sisters, for I Love and want them too.  

Do not seek to replace your Lord God with that which is temporal.  You shatter My Heart and do Me great pain when you shun your Lord God who Loves each of you so well.  Children, you are My Belovéds.  You are what beautifies the whole of Heaven by your prayers and Love.  You are My Children and I crave your Love so entirely.  You charm your Lord God with your laughter and joy and place a cold vice on My Loving Heart when you choose to turn away from Me.  When you choose darkness when you can be enfolded by the Mercy and Love of My Belovéd Son, the Christ.

See the Sacrifice He has made that He might save you from “Eternal No” and its nothingness.  His pain was like fire and He endured it for each of you that you may enjoy life everlasting with His Father, the Lord God and Divinity who Loves you so deeply.  Do not turn My Belovéd Son away.  You know not what you do to His Heart and your own.

Can you see what is before you when you walk in utter darkness?  Do you recognize what is around you and once so familiar is no longer?  You must see what is in front of you lest it belie your Love in this Life and the next.  If you walk in Greatest Light, all is revealed to you!  You see what is before you and can avoid tumbling into hurtful holes and (the) killing pits before you.  You avoid the coarseness and hatred and killing or detriment or utter blackness/badness that exists and seeks to tie you to it.

Thus, you must choose the Light to light your path always.  You will see that which others who walk in darkness cannotand will not see.  Take great hope in this, for I am Love and bring the Light of My Love to you by your very Hearts.  My Belovéd Son sees to you and mends your Hearts of all wounds inflicted by this temporal and betraying World.  Daily My Holy Love for you grows and I Long for your notice.  

Children, turn to Me in all things.  Trust in Me and know true and thorough peace and joy.  My Great Love for you unshackles the bonds that bring your souls to ruination.  Belovéd Children, fill yourselves with the Compassion and Mercy of My Love for you.  You cannot know any greater.  Belovéd Children, I am the Lord God.  I am the ALL and AM. Understand My infinite goodness and Love.  Understand the realm of Eternity is large and heavy.  Thus, you must come to Me that your Eternity be lit by My Love and Light and not strained by darkness and all of its fallen minion.  He is a real threat to this World because so many of beauteous Children champion him and so few find their way to Me.

Belovéd Children close your eyes to the temporal and to any signs of grief or soiled things.  Walk away from sin and seek out My Abundant forgiveness.  I am a Loving Lord and a Just God.  Do not fail to remember this.  How I Love and yearn for My Children.  Do not subject yourselves to the coldness of justice without Mercy.  The boundless gift of My Mercy extends to those who seek it out, for My Love for you admits the penitent Heart with great or extreme joy.

Come to your Father who is so Holy and good and who seeks your joy.  I am He who created you.  I am Love Eternal.  I am all that is and has been and will be.  Grasp this, My Children.  Eternity without Me is an evil dark thing.  It is joyless and permanent.  Thus I say, do not pause but approach Me with your Hearts filled with trepidation and hope.  I answer always with Love.  

Unique and wandering Children, let go of sin and cleanse yourselves of the darkness by immersing yourself in My Holy Light.  Choose My Son and worship and Love Him.  Kneel at His Feet and kiss them, for He has done more than you can ever understand to Save you and your Souls from grievous wounds by darkness.  Belovéd Children, turn to Me in all of your doubt and know I will send a spectacular sign that all people in this World will know the Glory of My Boundless Love for you.

Rest, My Children.  For tomorrow you will not rest.  Prepare through long and faith filled prayer.  You are My Most Cherished Children and I bid you peace this day and every other day.  Peace, My Children.  Peace.