I Am Not a Temporal Love

By Linda

December 16, 2015


....  You are amazing and Loving and full of Love for Me, and all I can promise is that I will fail You over and over and over.  ....  Yet I felt You kiss my brow just now.
Belovéd Daughter, do not weigh yourself down with doubt, for it is not of Me.  I have charged you to write for Me or on My Behalf.  My Loving words must be spoken that My Children will hear.  Do not be selfish in hiding yourself from Me.  I am your Good and Patient Father.  No (thing) on this earth can ever change My Love for you.  You are My Daughter.  Belovéd and good, for I have made you specifically and I do not err in My work for Man.
Belovéd Children, come at once to Me.  I sound the alarm and point My Hand westward.  Come to Me, soon, My Children.  It will grow dark and difficult and where can you be without Me and My Great Love for you?  I am the Lord God.  I am not a temporary Love.  My Gifts are not temporal.  I do not lie to My Belovéd Children, and I permit no darkness to befall upon My Prayerful Children.  You may ask, what is to come, but Children, you do not say, “My Belovéd God and Father will take care of me.  Why shall I be concerned.”  Where is your faith, My Children?  Do not wound Me with your doubts, but come to know the Holy God who Loves you and seeks to keep you with Me ever more.
Belovéd Children, you are the jewels of My Eyes.  You are beautiful, unique, special, and Belovéd.  Do not doubt your value to Me, for I am the Father and all that is of Me is good.  Belovéd Children, come into the Light of My Belovéd Son, the Christ.  Glorify His Name, for He has lifted the veil of death off from you and gives you New Life.  He is My Belovéd Jesus, the Christ, the Redeemer.  Do not scorn the Christ who has saved you by His burning Heart and enduring Love.  Worship the Christ with all of your Love and live a life of mercy and forgiveness to show the extent of your Love for the Christ.  When you Love and forgive your Brothers and Sisters in the most difficult moments, it is as if you have washed the feet of Jesus and wished Him well and the Son of God is amazed and glorified through your act.  This, I say, forgive and Love and pay Loving homage to the Christ, for He is My Belovéd Son.
Children of God, war begins and the angels chaff for prayer.  Your prayer is the sword of Heaven.  Your Love for Me is the fruit of Love itself.  Belovéd Children, Love your Lord God and Father and do not stray.  Know that the skies churn churlishly and the spines of animals rise up in fear.  Know the Son of Man whose Life is given over to you will be …like a valuable stone and rare.  Its value will be recognized or understood because His presence will be found so rarely.  The hellions shall lay waste to all that is sown by the prayerful and My Prayerful Children will cry out to Me.  Thus I say, come to Me and be prayerful that you may have great comfort during the storm.  The earth regurgitates the sin of Man and even the stars and suns and moons recoil.  
Belovéd Children, do not be fooled by this temporal World.  The darknesses you engage in lust to bring down you souls or to take your souls from your Lord God.  I gather you in like bunches of flowers and you are placed safely, Lovingly in the arms of Heaven.  When you are not with Me, you are against Me, and all that is against Me is also against My Belovéd Son, just as those who are for Me are for My Belovéd Son.  You cannot live in both water and air.  You cannot eat and not eat without different consequences.  You cannot serve this World while serving Me at the same time.  I am not to be divided by this World.  I am to be worshipped and glorified by My Belovéd Children, for My Love for you is Great and I long for your reciprocity in this Love.  [anything that is not of Christ is anti-Christ]
Children, such wonders will abate your doubts and sting your eyes.  Such an awakening shall Man have.  You shall face difficulties.  My Belovéd Priests will grow scarce, for the danger of your service will become great.  Abide by My Laws, Belovéd Children.  Abide (by) them.  Do not test the Lord God.  I am and shall be and have always and so shall you know this by your prayers to Me, which are valued highly by Me.

Children of this World, be aware that you are now facing the hare.  It is a lesser thing than the boar and you shall know this difference.  Pray, Belovéd Children, and do not part ways with Me.  I am the Lord God and you are My Belovéd Children.  Am I not best Love, best time, best life?  Belovéd Children, it will be done and I shall show you soon by a great sign and you shall say truly the Hand of God is in this.  Believe Children, and do not wander from Me.  I offer you My Loving Hand.  Take it and do not let go.   I am for you and long for your prayers.  Belovéd Children, stand with Me, by Love and know the joys and peace of My Love for you.  Belovéd Children, I grant you My Peace today.  Peace, Belovéd Children.  Peace.