Our Faith Severely Tested, So Be Strong

By Linda

February 10, 2015


Tuesday, February 10, 2015 2:30 – 3:53 While at Adoration – Cure of Ars Divine Mercy

Blesséd and Belovéd Children, 
the whole of Man rests without granting Mercy 
to your Brothers and Sisters, 
so shall I grant My Mercy to you.

Know this to be true.
As you treat your Brothers and Sisters, 
so you have treated the Christ, My Belovéd and Glorious Son.
Thus, shall you be treated no different?

You are told to be generous to your Brothers and Sisters.

Bring those who are low up with your hands.
Feed those who hunger.
Teach those who are in darkness. 
Love those who do not know Love
Be merciful of those you would hate.
Forgive when you would be angry.

Children, do these things.
Do these things for the Christ 
who Loves to see such generosities.
The Christ Loves you as such 
and longs to see each of you Loved as such by your Brothers and Sisters.

Oh Belovéd Children, you cannot toy with your faith in Me.
You cannot pretend at your Love for Me.

Your trust in My Love for you must be solid and true.
Your confidence and faith in Me must be strong.
Your willfulness to follow My Laws and fulfill My Bidding 
shows Me your Love and its strength.

Know this, My Children.
One day soon your faith will be tested greatly
and your trust shaken.

Do not waver in your Love and trust for Me.
Do not stagger in your faith, 
for I am ever with you.

Do not disregard My Love for you, 
for I am ever present.
I am Love, 
and My Love is ever present. 

Take confidence in My Presence.
Your Love for Me will be harshly or severely tested.

Belovéd Children, make your faith strong.
Prepare before Me your Love.

Ready yourselves through greatest prayer.
Thus you learn to know Me intimately.

This is My Longing.
I wish for each of My Belovéd Children to come to Me with Love 
and know Me as their Belovéd and Merciful Father.

I am your Good Father and Gracious Lord. 
I give My Children good gifts.

Come to Me by your constant prayer and know Me, your Lord God.

Grow strong in your trust for Me by your constant presence with Me.
I am your Lord God and invite you to Me.

Come to Me, Belovéd Children.
Know the Father whose Love for you is inexhaustible and unconditional.

You cannot push away that which is permanent.
I am for you, My Children, just as you are for Me.
I have created you for Love and from Love.

Belovéd Children, come to the Light of full Love and be joyful.
I am your Lord God.

Know Me and what I accept and what I do not accept.
I am not gray.
I do not accept that which compromises with sin 
and you cannot pretend to Love Me 
and condone that which is sinful.

Believe Me when I say to you, 
surely you will be condemned if you compromise with sin 
and do not recognize it for what it is.
Do not compromise with sin.                    
[We sin; He forgives us. BUT we should recognize it as a sin; we can’t condone it to make ourselves feel better or walk in step with the world.] 

Do not be fooled by that which is black turned white 
or that which is truly white turned black.

Allow the One sent before Me to guide you.
He touches your soul and knows your Heart before you do.
Listen for the call that will give you guidance.  

Choose His guidance and know truth.
Do not choose His guidance, 
and know that which is black and that compromises with sin.   
[Don’t choose guidance knowing full well that you intend to turn to darkness.]

Belovéd Children, do not be fooled by that which comes.
You will be sorely and harshly tested.

Pray and know I am with you.
Love your Lord God and know that you are My Belovéd Children.

Love and keep sacred the Blessings and Holiness of the Body, 
for soon you will long for it 
and thirst for His Blood 
and you will starve.                           
[Severe unhappiness.]

Know this to be true.
The faithful will find sustenance and guidance.
Belovéd Children, be prayerful.

My Belovéd Children, have faith in your Father.

Belovéd Children, pray.
Pray, My Children.