Make Your Faith in Me Strong

By Linda

February 17, 2015


Tuesday, February 17, 2015  3:54 – 4:36 pm

My Love for My Children shines high above you like the rays of an invisible sun, 
so brightly and beautiful as I bless My Children, 
each with My Greatest Love 
as you please Me in your lives.

Oh Belovéd Children, do you not know My Love for you is grand, big? Real?
My Love is there or in existence or it is tangible, 
there in front of you.

Belovéd Children, grasp what is yours.

My Love is for you and you are for Me, My Belovéd Creations.
No man in this World cannot be Loved 
as I have made you with Love and from Love 
to Love and to be Loved.

Children, your Lord God of Heaven and of Earth is Love.
I am in all of you.

Love is in all things, My Belovéd Children.
Thus, when you Love Me 
and when you Love your Sisters 
and when you Love your Brothers, 
you please your Lord God greatly 
and My Heart swells with pride and full Love (BIG) by your actions or 
by that which I see in your own Heart.

Be humble, My Children, 
for I see the detriment of pride throughout this World.
Humility brings peace.
The humble will rise and share the joys of salvation.

Simplicity brings peace.
Beauty is not a complex thing.
The birds eat.
Water is replenished.
The sun is warm and provides you Light.
An open and loving Heart brings you peace.

Suspicion and mistrust become tiresome 
and wear your soul down.
Your mistrust is a heavy weight 
and you have no community or love for your Brothers and Sisters 
and I weep.

Keep your Hearts open and Loving.
It will give you peace.

Belovéd Children, if you want Worldly peace, 
you will not find it in Me.
It is temporal.

If you want Worldly rewards, 
surely you are led astray.

If you seek Worldly recognition, surely you walk as a king might, 
but you will be struck down mightily 
and that which provided you your platform or stick or staff shall be taken away 
and you shall be a shell or you shall be as the sand in wind. 
Blown away and nothing is left.
No gold, no pride, no recognition.

Choose Heavenly peace and all things will bring you joy.
Empty yourself out and dismiss all things that are of this World.
Do not crave that which is Worldly, 
such that your Heart becomes indifferent to all things but My Love.

If you are to receive gold, 
you will not alter your state of joy, 
just as if gold were to be taken from you, 
this should not alter your state of pain.

To these Worldly things shall you be indifferent 
such that My Love will be the only concern or only issue or only thing that has any value to you.
That only My Love impacts your joy or sorrow.

Knowing as you will that I am the Lord God and Father 
and through Me all things are good and incorruptible.
Through the World, all things will corrupt themselves.

So I say, Belovéd Children, give yourselves over to Me, your Lord God, 
who adores you and desires your Love and desires your joy 
and wishes to give you mercy and forgiveness.

See My Belovéd Son, the Christ, who is so eager to forgive His People.
His people will be a vast citizenry and a (VERY BRIGHT) beautiful land.
Do not despair with impatience.

My Beauteous Children, how I see the calamities you feel within your Hearts.

My Belovéds, you know not what My Kingdom saves for you.
Do not despair, My Children.

Take heed, though.
Sins are many and they are great.
Do not compromise with sin.

It is this World that is pushing My Children to sin and to blindness.
My Children have grown blind and do not recognize sin.
The black has turned white 
and much of what was white was turned black or painted black.          
["Painted is more action-oriented]

This blackness shall be washed away and the Hand of God will make its mark.

Belovéd Children, know I am always with you.

Pray, for I am pleased by your prayer 
and I grow more familiar as your prayer grows.

Grow in your faith in Me with all things.
Trust in Me in all things, 
whether they be large or whether they be miniscule.

Your trust and faith in your Lord God must be solid and unbreakable, untaintable.

You must have the strength to trust that I will open doors for the simplest matters 
and open doors in the most difficult concerns.
How can you trust Me with one and not the other.

You cannot be in “middle-ness” now.       
[Don’t doubt God or second guess why He does something or have flip-flop-faith.]
You must be firm in your choice and constant in your prayers.
Your prayers bring you strength and discernment.

But know this to be true, 
your lack of prayers and the time you have spent away from Me, 
your Most Loving and Eternal Father, 
breaks My Loving Heart.

It shatters My Heart, 
for I Love My Children 
and cannot bear to be ignored or run from by those I hold so dearly.

Know that this is painful to Me and do not bring your God pain.
Love Me with all of your Hearts 
and All of your Beings constantly and everywhere always.

Make your Love and faith in Me strong.
Do not waver, My Belovéd Children.

Soon your strength will be tested.
You begin to smell the dank scent of the hare even now.
Thus, I say prepare through great prayer, Loving Brothers and Sisters, 
and perpetually honoring the Most Sacred and Holy Eucharist.

Take advantage of the sustenance the Eucharist offers you.
The blessings are great.
Soon you will not have the Christ’s body and blood so easily, so readily.

           Then shall My Children
           starve and wail for the
           succor the Body and Blood bring
           forth through the Salvation 
           of the Christ whose Love
           is enduring, Merciful, and

Belovéd Children, know Love and know My Peace.

Peace My Children.
Take My Peace and extend it to others 
without argument, without grudges, and without anger.

Do not argue over the Love I offer My Children.
Where you have spoken of My Love thrice 
and yet still find it rejected, 
turn away, for that soul is lost already

Belovéd Children, pray.