The Sophists

By Linda

February 19, 2015


Thursday, February 19, 2015  3:27 – 4:03 pm

Belovéd Children, I urge you to pray.
There is much before you and yet you do not see.
The winds blow through the trees, but you do not hear.

Belovéd Children, you must not be frivolous of your time.
You must pray and know Me intimately.
Your trust in Me must be strong, solid, unbreakable.

Belovéd Children, you must be immune to the words of the sophists, 
for they will seek to persuade you that I do not exist 
and that sin is not important or that sin is trivial.

The sophists are clever 
and hide their real hearts 
behind the guise of kindness, 
charity, knowledge, and the Worldly.

Do not fall trap to those who will have you compromise with sin.
Do not believe them when they say your Lord God forgives all things without issue.*  
[See other asterisks for clarity]

Belovéd Children, know this to be true.
Your Lord God and Father embraces each Child Lovingly.

My Belovéd Son, your Redeemer, the Christ, is ever Merciful 
and We are undivided in Our Love for you.
Our Compassion is great and Mercy endless.

Dear Children, you must come to the Christ, 
the Lord and King of All that is Good, of Heaven and earth, with contrition in your Hearts.*
When you do not recognize sin for what it is, 
how will you know to be contrite?*

Do not follow in the steps of the eager and corrupt sophists.
Do not pine for the excesses others enjoy so freely, 
for your gifts and joys and rewards in Heaven will be far more excessive and Good.

Do not have or suffer angst 
when you are ridiculed and mocked for your Love of Me, your Lord God.
My Hand shall strike those who have mocked My Belovéds down 
and you shall enjoy the bounties of Heaven.

There are many of My Belovéd Children who play at Love, 
yet their Hearts are bare and empty.
You do not eat when you do not hunger.
Thus it is with these Children.

They do not hunger for their Lord God 
and so they do not place Me in their Hearts.

What sustenance will they have when the grain has withered 
and the corn is overcome by beetles?

He will be hungry but he will have nothing with which to feed himself.

Belovéd Children, you fool yourselves 
because you live your lives at ease.
You suffer little 
and think you have not seen the Hand of God.

You must see to believe, and even were I to raise 100 of the dead, 
still you would argue.

            Wait, My Children and you 
            will be given sight.
            Wait and your ears will
            hear again.  You shall soon
            know the Power that I AM.
            You will know My
            Graces and you will
            know My Presence.

Belovéd Children, there is no reason for you to doubt.
You should not be unsure as to My Mercy and My Love.

It is the lukewarm who fail Me 
and who break My Precious Heart with your dubious natures.
You do not trust 
and your faith is weak.

Belovéd Children, I do not accept that which is neither hot nor cold.
You are at a great precipice 
and you must choose to stay with Me completely 
or fall far down and below where you will not be found again.

How can this prospect be a difficult choice?

Choose, My Children, and choose wisely, quickly, lovingly.
Know who you are about, 
and with Me know what I Love and do not Love.
What I accept and do not accept.  

All things that are un-Love are not of Me.
Remember this to be true 
regardless of the beguiling words used by the sophists.
Do not be led astray by them.

They will take you from Me.

There are many in front of you.
Take shelter in the arms of My Church.
She embraces the prayerful 
and those in need of direction.

If the host is not revered properly 
or the poor and abandoned are not welcomed Lovingly to this (a church) 
truly, wipe your shoes of the place, 
for it has turned, turned rotten, and depart at once.

You will know the corrupt from the incorrupt 
as the Spirit will descend upon your Hearts 
and no fear will you know in the company of these priests.

Belovéd Children, much comes, some all at once; 
later much more and much worse.
And later still, that which will mark the start of a Blesséd World.

Belovéd Children, Love one another and pray.
Pray for those who die.
Those who die in these two months will need much prayer.

Those who die later or after will need little after all!
Their deaths, (mostly), shall be celebrated most joyously in Heaven.

            Most Blesséd Mother, rest.
            Later you will walk amongst people to blow your trumpet.
            They will know the beauty of the Blesséd Mother.
            Pray as she prays and love as she loves.
            Without reservation.

Love and pray, Belovéd Children.
Pray.  Pray.