I Am Ever For You

By Linda

February 23, 2015


 Monday, February 23, 2015 3:19 - 3:53 pm
Belovéd Children, you know not what you do to My Heart.
It is bewildered by your anger and un-Love of Me.

Belovéd Children, I am ever for you, 
waiting, hoping that you will call for Me.

Oh Children of this scale World, 
it is Time to come to your Father who has missed you.
The World holds nothing for you.
I have all that you need or can ever want for.

Beleaguered Children, I am for you.
I am the Light you see in the darkness of your life.
Let the Light guide your path.

Allow yourself to see what is good 
and what is not good or not of Me or un-Love.
All that is black or darkness has no Light.
Thus, it is not of your Lord God and Father who so Loves you, His Children.

Belovéd Children, I am ever with you.
You need not be amongst royalty and riches for Me to pour upon you My Great Love.

You need not be great or brilliant or beautiful.
I look upon each of My least and see great Love and cherish all that you are 
and all that you offer, and the beauty that Shines forth from within you, 
for that is surely Love in its purity.

Belovéd Children, I see such false witnesses attesting against the good.
Against those who Love and worship My Belovéd Son, the Christ, 
the King the Merciful All-Loving Sacrifice.
Sharply are you spoken of and blindly are you condemned by the judges of this temporal World. 

Let the dust of their weak words fly easily off your shoulders and into the air, 
for their condemnations and ridicule are ill-spent, weak, destructive and most foolish.
They play or explain or comment on that which they cannot understand.
They have no faith and thus, cannot see nor hear the Word of God.

Thus I say, do not listen to the temporal, 
those who are reigned by the World, 
for their words are folly and beliefs incomplete in all of their logic.

They admire only the outside of the apple, 
never considering the flesh within the fruit might be sweet and good to the taste.

They look outside a window to the sun and see its light 
but never guess at its heat.
They see the bodies and faces of those before them, 
but they fail to recognize their souls.

Stubborn Children, do not disregard that which you cannot see.
I smile upon the faithful and care for them with great Love and Mercy.

Children, you must know Me.
You cannot wait.
You cannot be frivolous with your Time.

Are you satisfied in your soul to die today?
Are you so bold as to think you have not erred minutely?
Are you so faithless to believe I have not provided you Great Gifts here in My Kingdom?

Belovéd Children, if you suppose all of this, 
truly your Heart is broken from Me.
If you do not Love My Son, you cannot Love Me or know Me.
You cannot know Love if you do not  know God.

To Love without Me is to falsify or dismiss or fake your Love.

Belovéd Children, do not compromise with sin.
Do not judge your Brothers and Sisters, 
but do not follow them into their follies of sin.

Let them abide by My Laws or not.
You must, in knowing My Laws, ever work to live within them.

Learn to cherish the Laws I have given you, 
as they are the road map to Heaven.
Do not stray from the road 
and your life shall be a full and satisfying life.

            Belovéd Children, Tobit.
            See what comes, for
            it is dark, like
            the plumb of black
            smoke after a fire.
           Begin to notice the rot.
            There is to be such
            stark contrast, so
            none may misunderstand
            the Nature of this
            vision come true.  They
            will plant a garden
            of wild flowers amongst
            this cross, and they
            shall bloom year round.
            They shall remain
            untouched by human 
            hands thereafter and
            will show the World
            the Time comes when
            Our Lady pays her
            last visit and the
            scent of her Divine
            Presence recedes into
            darkness and we
            are left alone to fend
            for ourselves for three
            days.  Indeed, pray

Belovéd Children, let the Spirit guide you, 
and your path shall be made easy.
When you are willful and stubborn, 
your paths become stubborn and willful too.

Belovéd Children, you are meant to pray.
Pray for the betterment of the World.

Thus, I say, sing My Praises and bless the Trinity that is Love itself.

Love, Peaceful Children.
Acknowledge My Love for you.

Pray, My Belovéd Children.
Pray.  Pray.