If You Could See Yourselves Through His Eyes

By Linda

July 15, 2015


Behold, My Children, the Love I give to this World of darknesses.  Know that My Love is ever enduring and ever patient.  My Love is for you, Belovéd Children.  Come to Me and partake of My Greatest Love.  Run to Me, Children, when all of your hope has been lost and I will bring you comfort and peace.  Do not turn your heads away from the peace and Mercy I offer. I am the Lord God and My Love is boundless.  My Love knows no limits. Even as My Belovéd Children wound Me with your words and inattentiveness, still My Love for you remains unbroken. My Love is untouchable and does not change but swells with each of My Children’s pronounced Love for Me, the Lord God and the Christ for whom all of My Love is also given.  

Boundless Love is the Christ and you with great patience and faithfulness shall know this to be true.  One touch of His Love is BIG. Glorious.  A Beatific gift.  Belovéd Children, worship and adore the Christ with all that you are.  He is your King and your Savior.  By His immense Love for you, you are saved.  His Death is your Life everlasting.  My Belovéd Son is ardent for you and is so wounded by the hatred in this World.  Oh, Children, do not wound the Christ with your hatred and misdeeds.  Instead, Love Him and all of your Brothers and Sisters, for He Loves them so well.  Belovéd Children, mimic the Christ in your Love of Him and Others.  You are all My Children and thus worthy of My Beatific and Immense Love.

I am Love, My Children.  To know Me is to know GREATEST Love.  Reap the glory of My Love for you!  I give all of you such blessings and gifts by My Love for you.  Know this to be true.  Do not take this lightly.  I long for your company and crave your Love, My Children.  Do not forsake Me.  My tears flow with every rejection and My Heart aches at the death of those who are ever lost to Me and Love.  Belovéd Children, be attentive to Me.  Come to Me with All of your Love and I embrace you fully.

I am Love, My Children.  Come to Me and know exquisite Love.  Come to Me and know My Great Compassion.  Trust in Me, your Lord God, and know Greatest Mercies.  I am a just and Merciful Father.  I am your Eternal Father and I long for your Love, My Children.  Do not deny the Christ your Love and devotion.  When you embrace the son with your whole and humble Hearts, you embrace the Father and are worthy of My Love.

Oh, Beautiful Children, do not deny your Lord God and Father.  I am your Salvation.  Without the Beauteous and Belovéd Christ, you exist in everlasting darkness.  Light and darknesses do not coexist in the Kingdom of God.  Thus, I say, choose Me.  Choose your Lord God and give to Me all of your Hearts, all of your Love.  Give to Me your time and attention.  Give Me your prayers always.  Pray to Me throughout your days and know I am with you, touching your shoulder, kissing your brow.  Do not run from My Love, Belovéd Children.  That is like running from the very air you breathe.  I sustain Life, and My Love is yours for all Eternity.  You need only choose Me.  Choose to give your Love to Me, for I am an unobtrusive Lord and I wait for your calls.  

Belovéd Children, darkness walks upon this World and revels in the great sinning My Belovéd Children partake in.  He is amongst you and ever keeps his wanton eye upon My Children, always attempting to bring more darkness to this World.  Oh, Belovéd Children, do not be fooled.  Know what I Love and do not Love.  Know what I accept and do not accept.  Know what it is I desire as your Lord God and look to Me always for protection or Loving protection orHeavenly Guidance.  I am the Lord God and know what My Children need and do not need.  I guide you rightly as I send to you the guidance of the Loving Spirit.  So I say, listen to the Spirit as it touches your Hearts and do not be fooled by the trickery and temptations of the darkness.  Belovéd Children, believe this to be true.  He walks amongst you and attempts to lead My Belovéd Children astray.  Leave all semblances of sin and darknesses behind you and reject all things that wound your Spirit.

I am for you.  Do not doubt My Love for you.  Trust and believe in the Greatest Sacrifice of the Christ who has given up Life for you that you might or will Live in Eternal Joy.  Belovéd Children, I am merciful and you must come to Me for forgiveness and Mercy.  You must be attentive to Me in order that I touch you.  Water does not touch your lips without the vessel of your hands lifting it to your mouth.  Just as My Love remains untasted when you do not call out to Me, your Lord God, and how I Long for each of you and how I Love each of you so minutely.

If you could see yourselves through the Benevolent and Heavenly, Holy BIG eyes of your Lord God, then you would know or understand the true depth and caliber of My Love for you.  Do not doubt My Love, My Children.  Do not doubt Me.  Instead, turn to Me with great prayer and know that I bless, protect, and guide you throughout your life.  Trust in My Total Love for you and give to Me all of your affection.  Show Me your fealty by Loving Me intensely and Loving your Belovéd Brothers and Sisters.  Know that this charms Me or brings Me such joy.  Oh, Belovéd Children, do not fail in these things.  The load I give to you is light and it is joyous labor.  Believe in Me, Children.  Pray always and Love. Come to Me and worship My Belovéd Son and I shall give you Great Graces by Our Love for you.  Peace, Belovéd Children.  Peace.